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1429 - Steel Edition was in fact released last Fall, but not on ModDB until now. The mod requires Mount&Blade; : Warband v1.34 and up, and is currently in French.

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1429 : La Guerre de Cent Ans - Steel Edition was in fact released in December last year, but not on ModDB until now. The mod requires Mount&Blade; : Warband v1.34 and up, and is currently in French. An English translation is being made, check here for more informations.

1429 - Steel Edition

  • Accurate signs and banners
  • 3 factions: France, England and Burgundy
  • 3 sub-factions: Bandits, mercenaries and rebels, from who you can receive quests or join
  • New faction: Duchy of Britanny
  • about 40-50 quests divided into 3 main quests
  • A historical quest for Jeanne d'Arc
  • lots of new side-quests
  • Chance of be treated by a healer(if not dead, then you're left with an injury)
  • A system to divide scenes of towns by the menu(neighborhoods, city etc.)
  • New vendors in taverns, selling lots of new items
  • The ability to store equipment in a safe in the camp
  • Bridge Battles and bridges are mandatory to trasport from a region to another
  • Lots of new of textures and 3D models
  • 22 new villages, with more scenes in each village
  • A craft system: allows to forge weapons by buying parts at special vendors (iron / wood / leather / sharpening stone etc.)
  • New consumables
  • New medieval music of the period
  • New ambient sounds
  • Findable trainers in town, who can give boosts or new stats, like riding / weapon master ...
  • It is now more difficult to become a knight / vassal, it will go through quests to earn the title of nobility.
  • Completely revamped tournaments and ceremonial armors and helmets
  • Lots of new dialogs
  • Narf's weapons, armors and other resources, including a France OSP map.
  • Guild messengers: working as a messenger / courier
  • Realistic troop trees , knights recruitable in castles, militia in towns, the peasants only upgrade to infantry, archer ...)
  • System of hunger and penalties in strength and agility when have nothing to eat in the inventory (followed by the status report menu)
  • A system for injuries and status for the affcted part of body, also works for all quests! there are even possible Deaths(game over) when injured
  • The possibility of cooking in the camps, price starting from cabbage and sausages. You can make two pots of food, provided that you've bought the ingredients and pots from an innkeeper
  • Battle scenes b made by hand and are implemented
  • Prostitutes in taverns and disreputable places of Paris
  • New quests in search of poachers in Forests(listed as village quest given by the village elder)
  • Animated Watermills
  • New scenes of battles in towns, camps. Coreilles and gulls(shp types) in port cities.
  • Opportunity to ask the king to declare war, consider a truce etc., if you have +30 relationship with him
  • War cries or NPC factions for each entry: French, Burgundian, English, bandits, women and Joan of Arc.
  • Ability to take a loan with interest in banks.
  • Gambling in taverns and near certain factions
  • Many, many, many, many more things and graphical updates

Edit 17/03/2015: A partial English translation made by magitsu has been uploaded. It's still WIP but it is at least payable for non-French speakers. Click on the next button to download (you may have to wait until site admins authorize it).

[Addon] English Translation (partial)

(The following screens are from the previous version, but with the new shaders activated).

New Shaders

New Shaders

New Shaders

New Shaders

New Shaders

New Shaders

New Shaders


Hope the English translation isnt too far away! Sounds like an interesting and fun mod :D

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echuu Author

Article updated, you will find a link to a partial English translation.

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When will there be a complete English translation? I can help if help is needed.

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Bonjour. Je suis un grand fan de ce mod . Je rencontre aujourd'hui mon premier problème avec les mises à jour . J'ai télécharger les nouveaux textes et shaders mais je ne peux plus jouer : les dialogues ne correspondent plus aux personnages. Je voulais commencer une nouvelle partie pour tester les mises à jour et le capitaine me parle d'un maitre forgeron , le marchand de m'apprendre à me battre , le paysan d'épées pour la garde etc je ne peux donc pas prendre le bateau . Idem avec une ancienne partie: les commentaires dans les villes et les villages ne sont plus adaptés aux situations. Les rapports du perso ne correspondent pas .
Désolé de laisser un commentaire un peu négatif alors que je joue à 1429 depuis des années . Le jeu est toujours excellent c'est juste ce petit prob avec les textes . Que faire , svp ?

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You have no idea how long have i waited for a game or mod set in this time period. Ever since i watched "The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc" back in 1999 i loved it.

Can't wait for the full English translation, keep up the good work :)

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How nice the mod! I want to introduce it to China, there must be a great response。

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