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The latest update for Mare Nostrum has now been released. The 1.41 patch will download automatically through Steam if you already have the game installed.

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The 1.41 Patch has now been released.

1.41 Changelog;
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Artillery
  • Reduced MG shake on tanks
  • Italian coax MG’s now use a single tracer
  • Panzer II reload bug fixed
  • Added LG40 specific optic
  • Added smoke bomb launcher for Panzer IV’s
  • Italian tank crews now use Italian binoculars
  • Renamed Citta Della Sabbia to prevent character problems

Other Changes

  • Ancona Approach
  • Crete
  • Road To Tunis
  • Arid Early & Late
  • Tobruk Central & Combined Arms
  • Gazala Line

New Maps

  • Akrotiri Peninsula

Points Of Interest
- You are meant to be able to fire and reload the Bren whilst undeployed.
- The SMLE No.1 MkIII* reloads in sets of 2 stripper clips, one press of the reload button inserts 1 clip.
- The Thompson 1928-A1 has a 20 round magazine.
- Sened and Fallen Empire are skirmish maps intended for between 8-16 players.
- Artillery strikes are gained on Crete by destroying the Bofors guns. You can have a maximum of 1 strike at a time.
- Some tanks are now equipped with smoke launchers, press your attach bayonet key to use.
- You need to be unbuttoned to exit a vehicle.
- Tanks start with no shell loaded, you can turn on manual shell loading if you want to select your shell type when entering a tank.
- Italian grenades explode on impact, and need to travel for a short time before they arm.

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