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Just finished converting test chamber 9 (of 26) Some things have changed...

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Just finished converting test chamber 9 (of 26)

Some things have changed...

Since energy balls are no longer included (properly) in Portal 2, so far all of the related puzzles have been updated to work with lasers insted. I plan on expanding some of the puzzles as well.

Expect to have a similar but also new experience with the final mod ;)

Also, how badly do people want dialogue in the game? if people aren't interested i'll simply remove all the 'dialogue waiting to finish' areas and make it purely map based.
If people are interested then i'll keep them in and try my best to make proper vcds to allow for subtitles and for volume tweaking. Of course this will mean it'll take quite a bit longer as I've never used them before hehe, so will need to learn.

Also mods for Portal 2 seem a lot more complex than for Portal 1, will be spending some time figuring that out as well. Please bare with me :)

PS: if you haven't already seen, I've made a patch for the original mod so it should work with the new SteamPipe distribution system. Hopefully it works for everyone.

Thanks for still being interested


Yes! Please make proper VCDs for dialogues!

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speech rocks! if done correctly. Because remember, the story was what made portal 1 and 2 so special.

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