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Discussion on whats to be in 1.2, Announcement of the deluxe edition, and Project Float's participation in Sage Expo.

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This week's news page will be discussing what will be in the 1.2 demo update, an announcement of the deluxe edition of Project Float and the differences between it and the standard version, and details about Project Float's involvement in the Sonic Amateur Games Expo.

1.2 Wishlist:
  • New Look (Enhanced sprites)
  • Revamped Engine (Less Bugs + Better Running)
  • Facial Animations
  • Level Select
  • Mac Runtime
  • Fixed and Improved Save/Loading
  • XP Gain

The Deluxe version will also be available for pre-order within a month or two. It will contain extra game modes and costumes. Both standard and Deluxe will be available for purchase on Desura sometime in the near future. I will later give people other options of purchase, but for now Desura's will be the only way. Here's whats the difference between the two editions of the game:

Standard Edition: $9.99 $4.99 (Pre-Order Sale)

  • Project Float's Story Mode
  • Extra Game Modes (Zombie Survival, Team Deathmatch, Sandbox)
  • Wallpapers and Avatars
  • Project Float Soundtrack
  • "Elf Hero" Costume (Sprites will be updated to 1.2 Style)

Deluxe Edition: $19.99 $14.99 (Pre-Order Sale)

  • Project Float's Story Mode
  • Extra Game Modes (Zombie Survival, Team Deathmatch, RPG Online, Create Mode)
  • Play Mode for downloaded levels created in other people's create mode or in Project Create
  • Wallpapers and Avatars (More then Standard)
  • Project Float Soundtrack (+Bonus Tracks)
  • "Veteran Heroes" Costume Pack (Sprites will be updated to 1.2 Style)

Now, Sage Expo is an event mainly held for sonic fangames, but since I started off by creating sonic fangames I thought i might as well contribute and submit Project Float to the event. The event is from September 18- 24. Since its not that far away, the demo will be 1.1 and not 1.2. Sorry about that, but I recommend if you hadn't check it out there and if you have you could check out the other games they have there.

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Thanks to Tastyrice of French Rice Games for letting me use some of his follow icons.

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Getting Deluxe Edition when it comes out :3

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