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A poll about how the next patch should proceed. Should I leave out the Sicaran until I get it to work and just post the rest of the patch? Or should I delay more and try to get the Sicaran to work?

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The update is not coming because I can't get the Sicaran to work. It would have been an elite tier 3 tank (1 for Chapter, 1 for chaos, and either 3 or unlimited for Legion, depending on how powerful it is).

I'm thinking about putting the Sicaran on holdthat and just releasing the next upgrade without it.

InMidnightClad did raise a concern that basic rank and file Legion marines were too weak.

I initually wanted them to have 90% of the health and damage of Chapter rank and file marines.

But upon checking, I put it to 80% health and 75% basic bolter damage because they cost half as much as a chapter marine, and thus 90% would be overpowered. I now recall I did this so Legions could deploy much more marines and still be somewhat balanced.

Should I leave this as it is? Or should I make Legion marines up to the 90% of the Chapter ones, but increase their population cost and price, thus reducing the maximum Legion army you can field?

Or should I just bump their weapon damage up to 90% and leave health at 80% without touching the population cost, but increasing their price for a compromise approach?

(The weapon damage only effects the boltguns, not special things like melta plasma heavy bolter etc, those have same damage for both sides.)


Bumping the weapon damage sounds better I think

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DeusImperator Author

I'm leaning towards that too.

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Weapon damage.

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