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A look at our upcoming release, and some information about our Custom Game mode!

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Greetings Cygnus Community!

We here at Cygnus are working around the clock to have the alpha release of the Cygnus Racing League PC port ready to go! We have a new soft release date of January 31st, and our Steam page is now active! In today’s blogpost I wanted to discuss what our custom game mode is going to look like, and what we are looking to add in subsequent updates!

For the initial Alpha release, the CRL will feature a custom singleplayer and multiplayer gamemode. This gamemode is modeled after our mobile CRL Grand Championship race design. Set on a track against a set amount of opponents, users will be tested on their speed and ability to survive. Points can be accumulated by completing laps, or by damaging and/or killing opponents. Whoever finishes with the most points at the end wins the race! Top 3 finishers are given more credits for finishing in the podium positions. These will be the default, base settings for custom matches, but will be totally configurable!

If players don’t want to play by the traditional CRL rules, users have the freedom to create any subset or rules they want! We will be giving options for race length, point values, item/weapon availability, number of bots, auto aim, track barriers, auto pilot, and more! Players will have the option to create whatever CRL experience they can dream of! With modding support coming as well, players will have the agency to create their own unique gamemode outside of the options we have given as well. We are so excited to see what the community is going to create!

With our release right around the corner, we wanted to thank everyone for their enormous support! We are so grateful to have such a supportive and patient community! We are so unbelievably excited to share this development process with you all, and cannot wait to start flying alongside you all in the CRL! If you have not already, please head on over to our Steam page! Please follow, wishlist, and join our community! We will be sharing all kinds of new updates and information over there, as well as on our website, social media, and IndieDB!

In-Game Screenshot of Coretus

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