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a new fashion in the bfem2 The game 10 fractions (and their koltseviki): 1.Gondor (Isildur) 6.Mordor (Sauron) 2.Rohan (Eorl) 7.Izengard (Gorthaur Cruel) 3.Arnor (Elendil) 8.Angmar (Annatar) 4.Elfy (Galadriel) 9.Lyudi Evil (Khamul Shadow-East) 5.Gnomy (Durin) 10.Gobliny (Smaug the Golden)

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Osnavnaya changes:
Improved AI, AI uses all the abilities of all the menus.
Redesigned damage, health, armor, etc., etc., the balance in the style BFME1
Number of war in the same detachment minimum 5, maximum 10
Each faction has an initial army
Each faction has a unique army that you can hire in the fortress
Everyone has their own ring hero
All the smiths do not require the level of all upgrades are available immediately
Colorful portraits, icons
Each has its own music in the boot menu
Removed combat positions
Removed from the pumping level of construction
The game has a lot of changes to the menu abilities
Added new heroes, new abilities for characters and minor changes

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