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Details on the new version of When Light Faded, plus a sneak peek at 1.2!

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Hello again!
It's been a while since version 1.0 of When Light Faded first released to massive success despite being COMPLETELY unannounced. Now, after a few weeks of waiting for feedback for 1.1, I was like "I'm done with all this waiting!" Here you go:

Features in 1.1
-Chapter selection
-In-game "Quit" button will now take you to the main menu
-Access the main menu through the ending cutscene
-Small adjustment to secret level
-New "Restart" button in the options section of the main menu
-Fixes to the "faster" graphics setting to work better on low-end computers

I do have some plans for version 1.2 of the game that could have a huge impact on everything. Here's a sneak peek at my ideas:
-Dampening the flashlight motion (it follows your view just like in many modern shooters)
Shadowy character(s) in the "Paranoia" scene
-Relocating the application form in the first scene! :D
-Oculus Rift Support! Experience the adventure like never before!
-"Restart" button will soon be replaced by one that turns on VR mode
-More Easter eggs

Happy gaming!

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