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A visual guide to the hero leadership system in 1.06.

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RJ-RotWK Version 1.06 Update #3

Welcome to the third update for the changes in 1.06. The first two updates are available using the following links: Update #1 Update #2

Leadership in both BFME games has been fx based and, consequently caused quite a bit of
lag when there were a large number of units receiving leadership on the screen at once.
As well as this, armies were pretty much overpowered by the glow, distracting from the
look of the units, and affecting the realism of the game.

We've implemented a new leadership system for heroes, based on their selection decal.
When the hero gains their leadership power, the decal grows to the radius of the power,
showing the area on which the leadership gives effect in a similar way to the decals
under the heroic statues and wells. We've also included symbols which show the type(s)
of leadership the hero is giving. For leadership which comes from sources other than
heroes, (warchant, elven wood, tainted land etc...) the subtle glowing star-trail effect
will continue to be used.

Click the image below to see the new decals in game, and see which heroes will have
which leadership types in the next release. We have done our best to return
to BFME1's use of unique leadership for each hero that can stack with each other

Leadership Changes

Robert J.: Implementation of the new Leadership system
Shikari: Decal and Symbol design and production
Kobrakai: Screens for this update

Thanks also to Nertea who came up with the original idea from which this system developed

Last item to mention - when will 1.06 be available? The team is anazlying that question right now. We could release something very soon, but it will not be as polished as we'd like. We could delay it, but I know a number of people have been waiting, so hopefully I'll be able to give an answer on the next update and let use know what you think on our forums.

As always, thank you for playing, and don't forget to click on the book
Robert J.


Fat update! I hope you don't delay it.

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Cool! RJ is my favourite BFME2 mod.

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Good update! Interesting idea. Should help those with slower rigs as well as being easier to read on the battle field. But will your enemy be able to see the rings and icons as well?

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robnkarla Author

If they select the hero they should see the leadership radius.

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The update looks pretty awesome... the RJ mod is definitely my favorite mod for RotWK. Thumbs up!

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