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1.0.4 has been released! This update includes numerous fixes and optimizations to both the server and the client. Faster, and more reliable with fixes to GUI, a new accounts system, and all new asynchronous object streaming!

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We're pleased to announce that at long last, the release of version 1.0.4 of Multi Theft Auto. This has been one of our larger releases and finding the balance between providing bug fixes and features to include in this release has been difficult. We've included as many bug fixes as possible, without compromising backwards compatibility, which should make the transition for players and server owners as straightforward as possible.

The major changes in this release includes:

  • Fixes for setting display resolution
  • Numerous GUI optimizations
  • A major rewrite of the Accounts system which is now substantially faster and more reliable
  • A slightly revised streaming engine to make object loading faster
  • Greatly optimized colshapes

There has also been a number of scripting improvements and various new functions (refer to our Wiki for more information).

Here are some screenshots of the latest build in action:

MTA Ware Pitstop eXo| - Clanserver : DD/DM

Aside from these fixes, attention has been given to the stability and security of both the client and server, and we strongly advise all server admins and players to upgrade their version as soon as possible. As always, 1.0.4 is backwards compatible with all 1.0.x clients, and 1.0.x clients are able to connect to all 1.0.4 servers.

This release is accompanied with the latest resource package that provides several basic gameplay modes for your server. Changes in this package mainly includes bug fixes, including updates to the 'admin' and 'race' resources, and improvements to the Map Editor and various other utility resources. See the mtasa-resources changelog for more information (changes r503 to r612).

Thanks to all our wonderful developers who made this possible! Remember, it's easy to get involved.

To see a full list of changes, check out the changelog.


Obviously I don't know how you guys have built MTASA. But the general consensus of modding and coding is that if you keep backwards compatability with old clients and servers. You severly limit yourself in what you can improve on the newer versions. If Í were you I'd simply make the newer versions not backwards compatible but get in a lot more features/bugfixes.

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darkdreamingdan Author

This is our last version of the 1.0.x client. Our major versions (i.e. 1.x.x) remove backwards compatiblity and are an opportunity to add new features, of which we have plenty planned.

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