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Update 10.1. Base Desert City! You can now deal State damage to enemies! (Cripple(Sprain), Paralyze, Burn, Infect and Daze) Updated States! Updated Icons! (Gold and Silver Rares) Adjusted CAS and Dod Stats! other balancing fixes and more..

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Update 10.2

Update 10.2
Zombie replacements through all areas.
All Weapon and Item Animations have been updated.
New Animations for Auger, Chainsaw and Guns.
Fixed Gun and Bow Stat.
Other Fixes..

Update 10.1

Thanks again for all the Feedback!
This will be the last Update of New for the Demo other then small fixes..
Off to the Final..
oh and here are most of the Fixes and Updates from 10.1!

Friend or Foe
Type Bonus!

Physical Skills now damage depends on enemy Defense.
Special Attack depends on enemy Special Defense.
Physical Skills, Weapons an Items no longer go through objects.
Dod(Dodge) and CAS(Chance at Survival) have been implemented.
Menu Issue has been fixed.
CAE(Chance at Exploration) now includes Atk/Def and Chance Ratio.
Dod has been implemented when jumping off Ladders.
Updated House Guest.
House Security and Damage have been updates to include repairs and let you know damage.
Team room now informs you of team level and health when exploring.
CAS effect chances of Team-Member find extra Items and Weapons.
Block has been fixed to Negate damage from a Distance for a small time.
Z now have 2 skills Distance depending on type Distance and close combat.
Updated Icons.
Updated Zombie designs and Some Animals!
Combat with enemies has been balance more with Def and Sp Def.
Broken Weapons added back allowing you to repair weapons with no Durability.
Armor still break and is destroyed with no Durability.
Reduced survival with Health Food Water and Rest.
Aggro Day once a Week which reduces your sight around you.
Loot and Overrun is responded once a week or with CAS (Chance at Survival).
Air Drop Notes included which sends a drop to the World Map.
Trader Notes added which sends a trader to join your teamroom.
Zombies now spawn outside of your home depending on the amount of security.
You and other NPC's can use skills that Sprain, Paralyze, Burn, Infect and Daze Zombies and other Enemies.
More items and Fixed Crafts.
All Crafts have been Organized to help you Create and go..
Friend or Foe now boost or deboost one of your stats when you first select your character.
Friend or Foe boost or deboost team members when they are added to your team as well.
(Friend or Foe)Friend teammate won't take bribes.
(Friend or Foe)While Foe keep some Items found rather than sharing them.

Adjusted drink items and some food Items
Dictionary now includes information on all Items, Weapons and Armor.
You can choose in Normal-Mode to have Force Drops on Death On or Off.
Gold and Silver Rare Icon appear on Items, Weapons and Armor.
AutoSave now works each time you change Maps.
Cap Health 150
Cap Food 100
Cap Water 100
Cap Rest 100
and other small fixes..

Update 10.0

Updated States!
2nd Phase States!
Updated Skills!
New Items and Armor!
Open Close animation for most items.(Including Doors, Cabinets, Lockers and Trashcans!)
Update Chance of Exploration!
Added Survivors and Quest!
New Items and Crafts!
Added Seasonal Illnesses! (Based on Months)
New Locations and Z's!
Updated Types (Fire/Poison)!
Updated Collection and Classes!
New Class Type (Bomber)!
Updated Enemies Weakness/Immune and Resistant!
Adjusted CAS and Dod stats!
New Friend/Foe State Added!
DoJo's based on Biome!
DoJo Master Now Included!
other balancing fixes and more..





Game Features



Craft ables

Type Bonus


Older Updates..

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