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Server News 10/11/10 and Development news 10/11/10

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Server News
we have been having a lot of server problem over the past week and we have finally fixed the server back to 100% working order our constant ip changing is becoming a problem we cannot do anything about it for the time bean but we should be able to get a stable ip in the next few months until then there is not a lot we can do about the ip changes we will try keep the server updated as much as possible. one final thing our ip has changed again it is now (

Development news
Due to the server problem once again our development has suffered once again over the next month or 2 we are looking at implementing a new community feel to BCCS website we will be adding a lot of new features to the website such as a forum a working ranking system that links correctly to the css server ect we are also looking at finish off the c4 mod witch in Nelly in beta unfortunately the beta is close to the public you will have to w8 until it is released so yer we should have this up and running by the end of this year.

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