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A declaration of thanks for 1,000 downloads of the main client

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Mechwarriors and Inner Sphere citizens:

Rejoice! As of 12-NOV-14, we have achieved over 1,000 of the main game client!

1,000 new mechwarriors have joined the wars across the Inner Sphere!

Thanks to everyone for their continued support! More content is on the way!

Now, get on the GameRanger system and set the Inner Sphere on fire!

--Battletech Star League Update, 24-NOV-14--

Mr. fdiskMBR ( has recently informed us that there are active leagues continuing to host matches as an alternative to GameRanger!

In fact, there is a continuing ongoing project to add even more content to the game, without changing the main core files. Working versions have been confirmed as the staff continually hammers out the remaining issues.

The project will work to combine the MekPack 3.1 content, NetBattletech Hardcore's content, and NetMech IV into a single expansion package as a mod. These packs will also include additional Inner Sphere and Clan mechs otherwise not found in Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries MekPack 3.1. They are currently putting the pieces together as we speak!

We will stay on top of their development! Once it is complete, these mods will be hosted in the "Mods" section of this page!


sTILL WAITING FOR THE mEKTEK3.1, NETBATTLETECH, NETMECH 4 EXPANSION expansion pack... I pray it's still in developement because I can't find netbt's files, or netmech 4, otherwise I'd add them myself.

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What happened I wish they released it with tools ehh AND RIP NEWS

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