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I made this because I just wasn't happy downgrading some of my HD textures in order to have a 2-eyed imp, and I wanted to try and make the eye look a little cleaner.

Turns out those squirrely suckers move around so much I can hardly appreciate my own efforts. Oh well, a blur with two red eyes is still better than spider eyes. And I sleep better knowing they're 1024x1024

Changelog: 1.0 = I got off my butt and packaged one of my mods, for a change (retraction: actually sitting on my butt the whole time)

Find it in the "addons" section. I tried to upload it to files, but in my honesty chose "textures" rather than "full release" as the category, and ModDB automatically reclassified it as an addon. Frmph.

HD2E Hi def 2 eyed imp diff

HD2E Hi Def 2 eyed imp a imp d08a diff

HD2E Hi Def 2 eyed imp normal

You get the idea.

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