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After a long time here is a short status update which proves, that this mod is not dead at all.

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You may be a bit dissapointed because there aren't any new media to show you now, but i assure you that this mod is still alive and it feels great. I decided to not post any updates at the moment. When i will collect a set number of things i want to show, i will do it. In last months i coded a lot, i was thinink about basing mod on paranoia engine and i finally made it. Meanwhile i found a new model renderer which will be able to support up to 20,000 polygons. However this mod will use BattleGrounds Team particle system which is similar to HL2 itself. About the name, i have to remove They Hunger directive at beginning because it's a trademark of Black Widow Games and unfortunately e-mail links of Black Widow's Games employees' are "dead".

Dark Figures will use polish LocWorks translation company (PARANOIA used this company too) to translate the english script to other languages because I'm using cut-scenes with pre-compiled animations and such. I could translate it from english to polish but my grammar is just terrible (this news for example). Modification will be based on three languages: English, Polish and German and I intend to find voice actors for each one.

About the story, it has adopted much fundamental changes, mostly because i didn't like it. It just was a bit artifical. Name of main character has changed. The country-side where the story has it's beginning has changed. The "INTRO" chapter has changed. I won't lie and I can say that I'm rewriting hole script at the moment. There is a country-side in Poland, a very cool country-side which is a bit mysterious at night, and has a good atmosphere for mods like mine. I'm collecting photos to recreate every single area from this country-side, however there is a awesome powerhouse there, an old one powerhouse which is very reliable.

Now about moddb page. When i will get time, maybe in this saturday i will change Sheet Styles for moddb page which will force it to take "another look". If you would like to see how it will look you can check out this moddb page : .

I think that's enough for first, short status update :). Yeah you heard good, it's a short update.



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