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A summary of the Eldar Race, the next playable race to be released for Battlefleet Gothic.

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0.9 - The Eldar

Corsairs, raiders and reavers, the Eldar stalk in deep space, striking at convoys and unprotected vessels without mercy. Their ships are fast, well armed and agile and struggle to match up to Imperial vessels in drawn out combat. This is not what the Eldar do though. They strike only when the advantage is utterly in their favour and leave as soon as the balance begins to shift, or as soon as their objectives are achieved.

The Eldar are the next playable race to be released for the Battlefleet Gothic modification. They are completely different to the powerful, slow fleets of the Imperial Navy and the Chaos Armada, relying on fast tactics and ambushes to destroy their foes. Their vessels are small, heavily armed and agile, and their structures small, easily hidden and hard to detect. Their techtree is quick to advance, yet they do not end the game with big battleships and cruisers, with only the Void Stalker being the only battleship the Eldar can deploy - and that should be used sparingly. Instead Eldar players rely upon escorts and light cruisers, with fast, hard hitting tactics to destroy fleets before the bigger vessels can come into the fold.


Starsinger Utility Vessel

The Starsinger acts as a beacon for the large Eldar stations and relay points within the warp, siting them and placing them in locations in Deep Space. It also accompanies fleets and resupplies them during combat - allowing vessels to make use of its role as a webway beacon to move rapidly around the combat field.

Nightshade Destroyer

The Nightshade is a fast, heavy hitting vessel loaded with torpedoes. The first combat vessel available to the Eldar, it is useful for capturing stations and striking quickly at enemy vessels with its exceptionally powerful weapons. In later stages, it operates in a long range strike role, firing off its multitudes of torpedoes while the other Eldar vessels outplay and outgun the singled out enemy ships.

Aconite Frigate

As a small ship, the Aconite seems as if the lightest touch would destroy it. But the Aconite's size betrays its strength. Small packs of the frigate are capable of the firepower of a battleship, with vast arrays of lances and laser batteries that strike with such power, easily taking down an enemies shields before they can respond. And at the blink of an eye - the Aconite retreats, leaving the vessel shieldless and easy prey for the other Eldar vessels that close in.

Hemlock Destroyer

As with many Eldar vessels, the Hemlock Destroyer is small and fast. But it has one difference. Replacing much of the hull is a vast pulsar lance, and little else. It strikes with the fury of a far larger vessel, taking down larger vessels shields' in seconds.

Hellebore Frigate

The Hellebore is the embodiment of the Eldar ideals, fast, hard hitting and matching the firepower of a cruiser. Its torpedoes can scatter enemy vessels and reduce them to hulks.

Shadowhunter Destroyer

The Shadowhunter remains as an escort for the Craftworld vessels, far more maneuverable than any other Eldar vessels, allowing it to seperate enemy fleets and destroy them piecemeal.

Solaris Light Cruiser

A fast light cruiser - these can move quickly to block fleets so the Eldar can fight them on their own terms, in their own combat zones. The Solaris often operates with its sister class the Aurora, providing a screen for the Aurora to destroy the enemy vessels.

Aurora Light Cruiser

A mobile vessel with punishing firepower, the Aurora can run circles around Imperial Cruisers and take them out before their vast bulk can turn and engage the Eldar vessels.


The Dragonship is not a particular class of vessel - instead it is a name for Eldar cruisers of a particular size within a Craftworld. Their ordnance can be changed at a moments notice to suit the situation, allowing the Eldar a degree of flexibility usually unknown to space combat. They are unique in that they can operate completely independent of Eldar fleets - without needing resupply. These ships are called Ghostships, and do not operate with a crew - instead using Spiritstones to pilot the ship.


Perfectly designed and made entirely out of Wraithbone, the Wraithship provides an Eldar fleet with long range support along with an array of strike bombers and fighters. Designed to operate on the fringes of a combat zone, the Wraithship can move in and out of danger quickly.

Eclipse Class Cruiser

Typical of the Eldar corsair fleets - the Eclipse is fast and heavily armed, able to move within such a short range of its target and then deploy its attack squadrons, racing away while they strike enemy cruisers. It is said to be the most effective carrier in the Gothic Sector, fast and agile, able to keep pace with its escorts.

Shadow Class Cruiser

Possibly the fastest cruiser in the Gothic Fleet - the Shadow moves exactly as its namesake suggests, operating with near silence only to appear at a moments notice and unload a battery of firepower equal to that of a battleship. It should be used sparingly - the ship is not suited to drawn out combat at all.

Void Stalker Battleship

The Pinnacle of Eldar ship design, the Void Stalker is fast enough to match the speed of any cruiser, yet delivers the firepower equal to its size. It also coordinates Eldar fleets and acts as a beacon for the Webway, allowing vessels around it to bug out at a moments notice. Or appear beside it.


Haven Class Spire

Acting as the Eldar's HQ and command centre, the Haven Spire is a hub for all vessels and stations the Eldar bring to combat. Without it, the Eldar vessels quickly lose communication and coordination.

Void Beacon

When the Eldar go into battle - they often deploy these small stations to quickly deploy their vessels from the webway into deep space. Not only acting as a beacon for ships to initially be deployed, the Void Beacon can also be used to hold vessels already deployed in the webway - quickly deploying them when needed, or allowing them to hop Void Beacons to their target. These stations were often discovered to be the source of Eldar fleet movements across the Gothic Sector


Acting as a hub for the Eldar fleet - the Starspire operates in a utility role, upgrading vessels and resupplying crews as and when it is needed. These are often deployed far from combat zones and within asteroid belts, due to their value.

Observation Beacon

Manned by a skeleton crew, these are almost impossible to detect with conventional scanners - allowing the Eldar fleet to monitor movements and attack routes, so they can coordinate their tactics with the best possible intelligence.

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Nice. Lot of interesting stuff here.

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are dark eldar included in the eldar faction?

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So where can i download the latest version?

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You should find some special FX for battlefleet gothic, atm all you can see is some very poor fire-fights. And will there be a tau fleet? Or SM fleet?

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