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Starborne receives its first patch for the alpha test, containing much requested changes to the interface and more.

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We're happy to announce the first patch for Alpha 7. From finding the most obscure bugs to completely breaking the balance, you've been a tremendous help for the dev team. Thank you all for helping us create a better game.


  • Covert Ops now spawn ready and no longer require an hour to become available.
  • Fleets can now choose to stay at the station they built.
  • You can now return to the login scene / server list instead of closing the game.
  • Added an option to disband Mercenary cards to receive two copies of lower level Mercenaries.


  • Fixed a bug causing industrials to return without resources if the construction failed.
  • Fixed an issue causing fleets to return without completing Events and Missions.
  • Fixed a number of sorting issues in the Rankings.
  • Fixed a calculation error causing outposts to have less HP than intended.
  • Fixed a bug preventing escalation probes from disappearing after the mission has been completed.
  • Fixed a bug where OOS penalty wasn't applied during combat.
  • Fixed a bug causing Rivet Potential to increase Station Influence instead of XP Generation.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Link Coordinates function to display an empty line in chat.


  • Changed movement filters to "Military", "Exploration" and "Industry".
  • Names, Stations and Outposts are now clickable links in reports.
  • Added combined fleet stats to fleet operation tooltips.
  • The player rankings now display profile pictures.
  • Escalation probes now display a tooltip when hovering over them.
  • Replaced the static ship images in the shipyard with rotating 3D models.
  • The HUD now displays server time.

QoL Changes

  • Hovering over a station now highlights all of its outposts.
  • If a station is selected, it will also be selected as the sender when opening the freighter menu.
  • Shipyard now calculates the total stats of ships selected for construction.
  • NPC stations now assemble their ships in fleets instead of remaining in the Hangar.
  • Fleet Events that expired without being completed or ignored now spawn in the active state instead of the pending state.
  • Viewing a card no longer closes the cache opening scene.
  • Card selection window now displays how many copies of each card are available.
  • Hovering over conditional stat boosts of a card will now display a tooltip in the card selection view.
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