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Update 0.7.5 significantly improves server performance by more than 3 times, fixes character animations and weapon interaction animations, and balanced the weapons a bit.

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X-Ray Multiplayer Extension: PATCH 0.7.5

This update significantly improves server performance (by more than 3 times), fixes character animations and weapon interaction animations, and balanced the weapons a bit.


If you want to help us, then you can start seeding the game using any torrent client. Torrent file is located in the root folder of the launcher (for example, C:\Games\xrMPE Launcher), the same path must be specified in your torrent client when you open the file. Thanks!

GET THE LAUNCHER (if you don't have it yet):

X-Ray Multiplayer Extension:


P.S. At the moment ModDB is hosting a TOP-100 Mods Of The Year 2021 competition. If you want to support us, you can VOTE FOR xrMPE. Thanks!


- Fixed a client crash when minimizing the game on Static Lighting;
- Fixed multiple glitches on the maps;
- Fixed an error related to scroll bar in UI lists.

- Significantly improved server performance;
- Improved client performance;
- Added a new animation set for SVD in third person;
- Reworked AK-74 animation set in third person;
- Improved third person weapon animations and added magazine ejection;
- Improved sprint animation;
- Improved gestures animations;
- Small fixes for loading screen tips;
- Small fixed in weapon balancing;
- Slightly changed some character models (thanks to Vanilla Models Updated for allowing us to use their work).


Can't start the game after this update. Tried starting the game trough xrEngine.exe and it gives me "api-ms-win-downlevel-kernel32-l2-1-0.dll is missing" error. After i got the dll it started giving me (0xc000007b) error instead...

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CorryZeron Author

Hello. Hotfix released, please download and try again. :)

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It's fixed now, thx.

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does this work with anomaly?

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CorryZeron Author

No. xrMPE is not an addon that can be put on Anomaly.
In fact, it is the Anomaly that needs to be adapted to xrMPE, but no one will do such "adaptation". This is technically almost impossible. :)

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