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We released a launcher update which changes how game downloading works and an update for the game itself which includes some important stability fixes.

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X-Ray Multiplayer Extension: PATCH 0.7.4

We released a launcher update which changes how game downloading works and an update for the game itself which includes some important stability fixes.

X-Ray Multiplayer Extension:

IMPORTANT! Server hosters must type these commands one-by-one in the server console:

sv_remove_actors_corpse 0
sv_remove_stalker_corpse 0
sv_remove_monster_corpse 0
sv_remove_weapon 0

And every hoster who experienced performance issues must type this as well:

sv_traffic_optimization_level 0

Save the changes by typing:


DEAR PLAYERS! Our servers can't handle the increased user activity. Because of this we are in desperate need of your financial help. We will be grateful for all donations on any of your desired platforms:

patreon icon blackboosty icon blackda icon black

If you want to help the developers with seeding the game to other people, get this torrent file, open it in any torrent client and set the path to your launcher folder (for example, C:\Games\xrMPE Launcher). Thanks!

INFORMATION! For those who want to create and edit Defence mode maps, we made a guide. The best user-created maps have a chance to be featured in one of the next official updates (if you considered all the Defence mode main elemеnts when making it)!

0731hotfix pic


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when jumping into a teleport;
  • Fixed some server desync issues;
  • Fixed a server crash when the server was processing an object destroy infoportion;
  • Fixed a server crash when a player tried to search a body that is being destroyed;
  • Fixed a server crash related to phantoms;
  • Fixed aiming from under-barrel grenade launchers;
  • Fixed some incorrect FPP weapons positioning;
  • Fixed incorrect UI positioning in server list on different resolutions;
  • Removed obsolete functional from server list;
  • Fixed some of the bugs on all maps;
  • Fixed a bug when reloading an under-barrel grenade launcher would fix an active weapon jam;
  • Fixed an error which led to slow-motion being applied if a player disconnected from the server in slow-motion and then reconnected back;
  • Other small fixes.


  • Slightly changed description of useable artifact Ray of Hope and added description for Bless of Oasis;
  • Added English localization for useable artifacts;
  • Modified and added new shooting sounds for FN Five Seven;
  • Removal time of dropped weapons is now the same as bodies removal time (1 min 20 secs);
  • Increased timeout when joining a server by 2 times (gives more chance to avoid the Incorrect host error while chaning map on the server);
  • Added FXAA anti-aliasing method for R2, R3 and R4.

Gunslinger Mod adaptation:

  • Added sounds and animations for under-barrel grenade launcher ammo switching;
  • Added jam inspection animations with under-barrel grenade launcher attached.

"Slightly changed description of useable artifact Ray of Hope"

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Amazing job guys keep it up. I and the rest of the community are excited to play with the Open-world game mode. Do you guys have a discord?

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CorryZeron Author


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Their discord is linked in the description of their recent trailer:

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hey guys, the instalation isntruction link is down. Would be nice to have some kind of tutoral on how to install everything from scratch

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CorryZeron Author

We checked, the link works, please try again. :)

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CorryZeron Author

Or find instructions on our server. :)

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