Post news RSS 05.04.2017 Roads and Transportation Update

Brief informations about the latest additions to our game: new car, new roads, renewed car mechanics and more.

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Cross-country routes created. Guiding signs were added.


Manual and automatic gear settings have been added to the vehicles. Changes were made about driving. The Vehicle Hud Screen has been updated.


Vehicle lamps and interior parts are updated. Now the lamps are shining when they are lit, and the vehicles interiors has become more detailed.


A new vehicle has been added: Jeep. It may be more advantageous than other vehicles, but it consumes more gasoline.


Tutorials screens were added as a first step. They will be updated in the future. Tutorial on/off and reset toggles have been added to the setting.


The trail was added to the bullets.


The screwdriver, hammer and wrench are now 50% time-accelerated for time-consuming tasks. They will lose their condition in every use.
Hammer = makes door, window, glass enhancements 50% faster.
Wrench = reduces repairs time by 50%.
Screwdriver = reduces upgrade time by 50%. (Such as cooker, fridge, light switch)


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