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0.3 Releases today. Loads of new content from Maps to Weapons.

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0.3 Has Released! Have fun!

Heres a change log:

Change log:
Special Forces Class
New Maps (Snow Fields, Ghost Forest, Christmas Hill, Ginkakuji Siege, Spring Thaw, Counter Attack, Operation Compton and Operation Winter Storm)
New Weapons (AUG A3, AK-12 KOBRA w/ Grip, MP7, M82, G3A3, SCAR-L, M9, and XM8 Red Dot)

And of Course some bug fixes
Some other changes:
Outpost is now Daytime

Credits for 0.3
Lead developer- empireman0102
Menu Backround- TheRedSovietStorm
Weapon Credits: Glebclose, Enemysniper, Develop013, TheRedHammer, M. Combat and Eversmen
Map Credits: Dice, Imtheheadhunter, ShaneJohn, spfreak, Jones

Vehicle Credits: SatNev, 3Dartist, DEM, leowgt94

joeldecaroual - - 102 comments

Hello all Comrades!

Devs made (did) an excellent job about this new "Global war front" 0.3 version.Thank you very much to them!

For helping people I just have wrote a very detailed tutorial with many pictures about "Global war front" installation (on windows 8.1 64-bit). Tutorial in English language is written in italic characters.Please visit the following link:

But I have a question please:

I get a sound problem with this Mod:
I cannot listen voices (but no problem the other sounds are running fine)
I installed many Battlefield 2 Mods but never I got problem with voices.

Did some of you get this voices sound problem?

Thank you very much about your future answer.

Best regard!

joeldecaroual AK sgt_garcia

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