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The wait is almost over VIPER Fans! Here's a video to further torture you in the wait of the GTA SA: VIPER Mod 0.1b!!!!

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A little something to further torture you in the exciting wait for 0.1b! Just remember! Waiting is good! For the longer the wait, the better the mod! We have just come up with some seriously awesome things to add in! So keep your pants on and your eyes peeled! We will be adding custom missions into the mod based on the events in the TV Show! Missions Such as:

  • Firehawk
  • Theif of Hearts
  • Defender VS Defender Replica
  • The Prototype A-76 (not in the TV show)
  • Escort Service (not in TV Show also)
  • Project Avenger (not in TV show [improved version of mission in demo])
  • Unexpected Alliance (not in TV show [alliance between KITT from KR and the VIPER])
  • (this mission is a thank you to KITT, Rafalema, and ChillpointBatista who helped out and are KR fans)
  • Final Count-Down (not in TV show: mission classified, users must download to know details)

Here is a video preview of the VIPER Avenger's Super Assault Mode, one of our secrets we've been keeping from the public:

Thanks for your feed back on the mod, the release may be moved one last time for mission development. But we believe it is well worth the wait!

Winner of the "Choose Your Weapon" Contest: Unanimous votes of Red (5) and Blue (0) Red has won the contest. Though we were hoping for more people to be involved in the vote, we appreciate your participation! The Red 1994 Dodge Viper R/T-10 will be used in the mod. Thank You for your Participation!

5dmc1 and The VIPER Project Modding Team


9 - you shall protect the future!

nice song, innit? Viper's looking hot, it would be cool, if it had anti-air missiles or a top-railgun to get rid of those nasty army choppers. Looks like fun!

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sweat can't wait for it

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Super Assault Mode looks cool

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