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0.1.7 Is almost ready for release! In this article, we will go over the many new features available in 0.1.7!

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I would like to apologize for the lack of work on this these past few weeks. Some extremely difficult problems arose in Tier Tactical, and some minor things have to be changed to later on incorporate multiplayer. In exchange, we came out of the ordeal with a new tool, and some performance saving fixes, along with the general amount of bug fixing.

A small tweak was made to the block shadow texture. It now generates an ambient shadow while the player is inside a house with roofing over it. This shadow merely serves as an element to make houses look spooky/abandoned.

We found that performance issues would occur if there were an extreme amount of blocks within the players vicinity, this was due to a glitch we call Masking. Due to a bug in the block addition code, the player could add blocks on top of each other continuously. some visual cues of this bug were the planks not aligning correctly (appearing slightly mismatched). In theory, the player would be building large amounts of road blocks (i.e for a road), and would suffer from extreme lag due to those blocks being multiplied by miss clicks.

This has been fixed by adding in a new feature that detects if the block is intersecting another block (only affects blocks of the same type). In turn, it firmly only places one block in each spot in the grid.

If the Square is Red, you cannot place the block there, if it is Green, you can place it there.


The Player fixes some walls.

On another note, The Welder has finally been implemented into the game, and can be accessed by Switching to Unarmed, then pressing the 'X' key to toggle between unarmed and the Welder tool. The Welder tool has the ability to repair blocks and vehicles, denoted by a health bar above the blocks. When a block is damaged, the health bar will appear above it to prompt the player to fix it (providing there are no infected around). THE ABILITY FOR BLOCKS REGENERATING HAS BEEN REMOVED, THE WELDER IS THE ONLY TOOL CAPABLE OF FIXING A DESTROYED BLOCK. In return, blocks immediately start out fully armored (as opposed to needing to be upgraded), and now have 900 health as opposed to the 200 they originally had. This makes walls considerably tougher to break through, and gives hope to players attempting to fight it out in a custom-made bunker.


  • Fused AK-47 and Unarmed bug: This was a graphical glitch found when the AK-47 was equipped. The item bar at the top would select Unarmed and AK-47 at the same time, with the Unarmed name being in the AK-47's slot. This did not impact weapon performance at all.
  • New Armor Bug: This is a major bug that occurred intentionally when armor was added into the game. We added a new field to the constructor of each block which allows us to specify if any block is armored or not. THE ONLY WAY TO FIX THIS IS TO HAVE 0.1.7 DELETE WORLD FILES UPON LAUNCH. Please keep in mind, it will only do this once, and this is the last time it will do, as handlers are being implemented to convert world files.
  • Sprinting Zombies: They came back due to an update bug. They have been removed.
  • Abrams off-center / Not Spawning: This was a bug triggered due to some numbers not being calculated correctly. Actually, the equation was in a format that made the game give up on spawning the Abrams. This has been fixed.
  • Annoying Rain: This wasn't so much of a bug, more of an annoying occurrence. Rain/Snow would start far too often to be normal, so the percentage for both has been dropped to 10%, (5% respectively).

And that just about finishes up this news update! Until next time then, Tier Up!

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