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0.1.7 is out! Here we go over the many improvements and fixes over Tier Tactical 0.1.6!

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Hey there all! I am pleased to announce that Tier Tactical 0.1.7 is out for release, we have packed in major frame rate improvements, a new tool, a new video, and block armor!


As mentioned in the last news article, The Welder is a new tool available to players in 0.1.7, it has the ability to fix walls and vehicles, and will eventually be able to fix disabled power generators. It heals walls extremely quickly (unless a zombie is actively attacking the wall). In order to do this, a new method was put in that allows any block to be armored. THIS ALSO TRIGGERS THE WORLD DELETION SYSTEM DUE TO INCOMPATIBILITY WITH PREVIOUS VERSION SAVE FILES.


Tier Tactical is slowly marching towards total multiplayer, as of now, We are using Lidgren Network to facilitate the network code, please let us know if it says you are missing a file or the game fails to load. You may get a message upon starting up Tier Tactical that warns you that Windows Firewall has blocked access of the program. Let it go or it will annoy you later. Multiplayer will probably be accessible through the Field Menu.


A new system has been implemented that gives the interior of buildings a shadow effect (when lights are off). If the player turns on the lights, it will light up the interior of the room (providing there is a roof and the light is within range). This gives enhanced visibility inside a player's house and allows the player to notice zombies hugging the exterior walls.


We have put in a new (while rather rudimentary) system which basically detects if the frame rate is lower than expected. The game then stops updating the prime suspects known to cause lag until the frame rate is better. In theory, this should improve performance on older computers, but cause small "hiccups".


In addition to the Frame Rate Detection System, a new, much cleaner collision engine is being patched in, shown below. This will simplify the block addition method, and allow more blocks to be added with little stress. It should also help out our issues with the Extractor.

The Block Update method is now VERY clean.


  • White Screen Glitch: A new bug was found, where after rain stopped, the alpha value for the fog would go to something like -10. The Math Helper would then over compensate and set it to 255 (maximum) and produce a horrid white screen
  • Fused AK-47 and Unarmed bug: This was a graphical glitch found when the AK-47 was equipped. The item bar at the top would select Unarmed and AK-47 at the same time, with the Unarmed name being in the AK-47's slot. This did not impact weapon performance at all.
  • New Armor Bug: This is a major bug that occurred intentionally when armor was added into the game. We added a new field to the constructor of each block which allows us to specify if any block is armored or not. THE ONLY WAY TO FIX THIS IS TO HAVE 0.1.7 DELETE WORLD FILES UPON LAUNCH. Please keep in mind, it will only do this once, and this is the last time it will do, as handlers are being implemented to convert world files.
  • Sprinting Zombies: They came back due to an update bug. They have been removed.
  • Abrams off-center / Not Spawning: This was a bug triggered due to some numbers not being calculated correctly. Actually, the equation was in a format that made the game give up on spawning the Abrams. This has been fixed.
  • Annoying Rain: This wasn't so much of a bug, more of an annoying occurrence. Rain/Snow would start far too often to be normal, so the percentage for both has been dropped to 10%, (5% respectively).

You can download Tier Tactical 0.1.7 Below!
Tier Tactical 0.1.7 Dev

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