The goal of Wolfzone mod is to make a single player freeplay with randomly generated quests/missions. No need to be a surrealistic simulation based on scarcity and pain, just something more fun and arcade style, an immersive walkabout into the zone.

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This is the full source code for the Wolfzone mod.

Wolfzone Mod Source Code

Wouldn't it be a better idea to host it on Github and allow interested people to look into the history of changes in the mod?

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JimLaJungle Author

Well, there is no history of changes, because, I really don't care about it. People don't care about my work, so why do I care about what change I have done into the source code!?! I just done it! That project was only started because I want something different to play with, so when people came to say something like:

"im gonna suggest you stop working on this game. No offense. but we dont want another shooting FPS"

Truly, what do I think about that kind of statement!?! That kind of people really **** me off, and the only think I think is, What do I care about that annoying monkeys, what do they except just trying to dissuade me to work on the mod even if it is just one more obscure mod!?!

So I'm just working to help myself enjoying to play with the mod I have made and this is just the most important thing to me.

I have released the source code because I have moved to another engine, and maybe this source code may be useful to other people, but I leave it to you to get out of trouble by yourself, nothing more, nothing less.

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Are you seriously gonna let something that stupid discourage you from working on this?

**** him, this Mod honestly looks really good, ignore what that little **** said.

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JimLaJungle Author

Well, thanks for your support, but it's too late.

I'm working on the mod on my spare time, and I really don't have enough time so I moved to X-Ray engine/Call of Pripyat game because that engine already have almost all features I need.

I can do that now because I have upgraded my Linux workstation and used old hardware to make a Windows PC so I can also play with Windows games now.

I will export soon all assets I have made for Wolf:ET engine to X-Ray engine, but I can't provide support on Wolf:ET engine anymore from now, so I just released the whole source code as a zip archive to comply with GPL terms. Sorry if there is no history of changes, but people interested in can use Meld, WinMerge or equivalent software to see differences with ET:Legacy engine.

And then, in all cases, annoying people can't dissuade me to stop working on that mod because I really love to much working on it!

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