The Mod Wlads "Soljanka" 2015 Extended Edition is designed for german version of "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-Shadow of Chernobyl". Ingame text of all new content is in german language. German SoC-Version with patch 1.006 is highly recommended for installation of the mod. Wlads "Soljanka" 2015 Extended Edition ist eine Modifikation für das PC-Spiel "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-Shadow of Chernobyl". Die Modifikation wurde über mehrere Jahre hinweg kontinuirlich weiterentwickelt und ist heute zu einer grossen und spannenden Mod-Kompilation für SoC geworden.

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Frustrating, but rewarding!

In my opinion this hardcore mod easily goes for the best Stalker SOC mod.

Especially the difficulty level is very refreshing in comparison to the "mainstream" SOC mods.

I am very glad though that it is not as hardcore as the latest NLC parts though; meaning I am very glad that I can still save anytime and anywhere I want.

Anyway, I am really enjoying my time in the "Soljanka" zone and looking forward further updates!



Most difficult mod I've played so far. And that's a good thing. Absolutely hardcore and unforgiving!


In my opinion is AMK "Soljanka" by Wlad777 the best Stalker-Mod.


dragon011 says

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Es ist ein echtes Meisterwerk.
Danke Wlad777


Perfectly balanced hardcore mod.
Actually the best graphic and mixture of the best stalker mods.
With a lot of Wlads personally view of the zone.

Not bugfree but still by far the best Stalker experience to this date for those that can't speak russian (including me).

diese Mod ist zu groß


AMK "Soljanka" Final 2013 EE gets a 11 out of 10. Wlad777 created a unique mod that brings modifications of Stalker to a complete new standard.
If you are looking for a challenging mod with a deep atmosphere, tons of new Quests and many other exciting content you have to try this mod.
I am playing this masterpiece since more than 5 years and I don´t get tired of it.
Absolutely amazing work with an incredible quality. In my opinion an indispensable mod that no one should play without!


Der beste und größte Mod weit und breit! Ein wahres Wunderwerk! Kann ich jedem empfehlen es selbst auszuprobieren mir hat der Mod schon in den früheren versionen schon extrem viel spass gemacht und freue mich auch hier wieder wie ein kleines Kind auf die Final 2013 Extended Version. Werde sie übers Wochenende testen und hier anschließend mein endrating geben. :)

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