Wings of Dawn is an anime-inspired space shooter game built on the Freespace 2 Open engine. It follows the story of a girl named Dawn, who gets thrown into a galaxy spanning war of space opera proportions. Dawn must keep her wits beside her as she encounters the numerous self-serving human governments, the long-eared and arrogant Cyrvans, and the lumbering might of the Hertak and their many thralls. Fly a variety of fighters and use devastating weapons to bring down your enemies and discover the secrets that only Dawn can unlock. Wings of Dawn is an on-going story released in episodes and is completely free!

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If you're too lazy to follow the link, just trust me and play it. It is easily one of the best freespace2 mods out there. I'm guessing the guy who voted 5 must have misclicked.


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By law, everyone needs to play this mod. Government agents will come after you if you haven't played it. You have been WARNED.

While I'm not usually the biggest fan of anime, I learned to deal with it and eventually came to like its quirks about it. I have certainly come to like Luna the most (sadly, she gets little screen time), but there's a whole variety of different kinds of characters sometimes put into...interesting scenarios so to speak. Unfortunately for me, most of the jokes flew right past me or made no sense since I'm not a big watcher of anime in the first place.

In terms of gameplay, while at the core it doesn't deviate too much from FreeSpace-style game mechanics, it adds enough interesting twists to make it feel new and fresh (For example, ships have resistances and weaknesses to certain types of weapons). I believe anyone should play this, regardless if you like anime or not, because this mod, if anything, is good fun.

Also, Crystal X Misuzu.


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