In fall of 2014 year in the borders of Chernobyl Zone a Strongest Blowout in whole history thundered. After that big disaster the Zone has began to devour all more and more areas of the Earth, threatening the existence of life on the planet. In 2048, a time machine was inveted. And its creater gives birth to plan to save humanity. This plan consists in sending to the past a military specialist who is definitaly able to figure out the main reasons of this massive blowout and eliminate it.

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10/10 Originality
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Just beat the game. Just want to say that it was amazing and blew my mind! My only complaint is that it was not open ended like COP.

To all the people that have constant crashing, try not downloading the hd texture packs. They're really not that necessary.

About the russian language, it's a folder in gamedata called rus in gamedata/configs/text i think or something like that. Either way the game comes in English and by downloading the gamedata that was posted it turns it into russian. I had this same problem and narrowed it down to that folder. Just erase it and you should be fine.

Thanks for the mod! This should be in the top ten must play mods of stalker.


amzing mod

Having played almost every mod for CoP/SoC mod, I can with ease say this is by far the best mod out there. A must-try. The only issues I had some frequent crashes in some places (which was wierd, because I rarely experience with other mods). Particularly good with the mods is that all almost quests are well thought through and interesting, there is no ******** quests and there is very little pointless retarded running back and forth over 5000 miles without ANY point (yes I am particularly looking at you Lost Alpha, Stalkersoup & OGSE). The english translation lacks in some parts, but overall its not difficult to get if you have a decent understanding of English.

What could be added:

*More A-life
*More Duty-related quests
*More stuff to do in Agroprom (honestly seemed developers got a bit tired here)


Feels like an official expansion pack cant say enough good things about this mod only the English translation is off but since it was made in a different language it gets a pass from me, great job.


SebastianAg. says

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I gotta say i love this mod.

Great story
Nice world re-designs.
INteresting characters.
Cool weapons and artifacts.
Hours upon hours of gameplay of story and sidequests you can sink into.
And an inhumanly good plot-twist (which broke my heart cause i came up on it all by myself) and wrap up. I have to say, even though the whole time travel thing just turned me off, i am inhumanly happy that it all was a ******-up imaginary memory, of the protagonist who is a clone of a currently deceased stalker.

Because of crashes and frustratingly bad translation (at least half of which is copied from Google translate) i give this piece a 9/10. An experience that is fresh, original and interesting from start to finish.

I hope i will see this team working on a project of their own.

I wish you all the luck in the world.


P.s if you actually want someone to translate the texts, contact me. I am fluent at both russian and english.


IvanZB says

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Great mod. Gets a 10 until you move to Radar, then it becomes a railroad without the free play that made the open landscape fun in the first part. Overall, a 9, but much better than most stalker mods! Love the stand alone feature.

Very good mod, complete new storyline and side quests, some are very original. Nice edits on the maps, nice inclusion and use of some maps that were not in any of the vanilla games. Saying everything feels like a new game would be a lie (there are still a good number of quests that really feel like vanilla quests) but the majority of the game feels like a new Stalker game.

Some bad points that could more or less be easily solved though:
- the awful english translation, so many quests suffer from this...
- some very questionable choices concerning the quests progression: that one choice that you can make as soon as the middle of the game and that will completely modify the difficulty of the ending is not a good idea... Having variations following that choice is ok, and even good, but modifying this much the difficulty of something coming hours later is not. Also, some quests in which you have to kill or where you randomly make disappear some guys who would have give totally unrelated quests/rewards then.
- the quite heavy quest items that you can't remove from your inventory.


******* awesome


Just beautiful. I am happy that I got to play such a great FAN-MADE mod. It almost feels like a complete new "expansion game" from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R franchise. It would be interesting to see a new project like this. Perhaps continuing Demidov's story? :D But make sure to put more effort in the text department. Some of the texts are confusing sometimes. But overall a great mod. I will definately rate this for the ModDB's Top Mod awards thing.

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10/10 Originality
10/10 Deployment and Presentation

This is what the community needs more of

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