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Wheels of War ships with a high quality soundtrack, featuring Intro/Fadeout, Lucien, Nine Inch Nails and Jack Glass. Following this guide will allow you to add up to 100 of your own tracks to the random playlist!

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This tutorial will spell out exactly using bullet points the steps required to get a custom music track into Wheels of War.

  1. First, select a track you like. The Carnage Council encourages openness and freedom of choice when it comes to driver music tastes.
  2. You may need to convert this music track into Ogg Vorbis format. Download and install the latest beta version of Audacity (I used version 1.3.4) from here. Open your .mp3 or .wav, and then simply select File->Export as Ogg Vorbis. Save it to a known location.
  3. Browse to your /Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars/wheelsofwar directory. You will notice many 'pk4' files, and a folder called 'localization'. Enter the folder, and then the music/user directory.
  4. We will assume this is your first custom track, so we will overwrite 00.ogg with our exported track.
  5. Make a file called 'mymusic.cfg' in the same folder, and open it.
  6. Copy the following text into that file:
    • musicInfo mymusic_00 {
        "title"  "Citizen Erased"
        "artist" "Muse"
        "sound"  "music/user/00"

  7. Edit the title and artist values to match that of the song you have saved as 00.ogg, and save the .cfg file.
  8. Go back several directories until you are in the /Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars/wheelsofwar directory. We need to 'zip' the localization folder, preserving folder hierarchy. It is simple to do this in Windows XP by right clicking the folder, and selecting Send To->Compressed (zipped) Folder. should appear in the wheelsofwar folder after this action.
    • If you get an option to associate an application with '.zip' files, click the 'NO' button.
    • If you cannot see the '.zip' extension of the file, click Tools from the current explorer menu, selecting 'Folder Options'. From there, select the view tab, and uncheck the option 'Hide Extensions for known file types'. This will allow you to see the '.zip' extension of the file and allow you to complete bullet 9. Remember to re-check this box after you have finished this tutorial to restore your settings!

  9. Rename to be mymusic.pk4.
  10. Load up Wheels of War as before, and connect to your favourite server. The Carnage Council wishes you a good night, and merry racing on the tracks of vehicular destruction.

Thats all there is to it, your custom music will be shuffled in amongst the official soundtrack. If you have more than one track to add, simply rename the Ogg files 00.ogg through to 99.ogg, and add a 'musicDef' to mymusic.cfg with the name incremented, along with the sound value. Another example is below:

musicInfo mymusic_01 {
    "title"  "Be Quick or Be Dead"
    "artist" "Iron Maiden"
    "sound"  "music/user/01"

If you experience any difficulties, or have a question needing answering, pleast direct your browser to our forums over at!

P.S, if you have trouble loading your music, the exact specs for the .ogg files Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars can handle are: 1 or 2 channel, 16 bit at 11025, 22050 or 44100 Hz.

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