My name is Daniel Clarke, Private Eye. I came to New Orleans to find Nathan LaLaurie, a surgeon friend of mine, after receiving an unsettling letter from his butler, Crone. I first went to 1140 Royal Street, his house...

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I enjoyed this custom. The first part is awesome, with all the puzzles and notes. Then it begins to get little buggy, there are like holes between the walls, windows you can destroy and jump out of the world xD
And the mod is scary as it's supposed to be, good job. Especially the last part, with thrilling music and monsters :D

Take care of the bugs.

Rated 8/10 ;)


This custom story had some good scares. Can't wait for the next one.


Liked the demo.

Really loved this. Would like to see an extension of it and be able to get away from the enemies. I think they are able to get you too easily.

A good start, although heavy laden with jump scares and a the story had no time to really cultivate. At the moment it seems like it wants to be the likes of Cthulhu without any of the work needed to make it something like that. At best it can seem like a amatuerish homage, with alot of the standard horror we've seen a million times from Amnesia. If mods like these want to survive they have to start being unpredictable, custom content, and focus more on storyline. The level design is alright in that it hints at a larger level when you enter the library but shows little. The house in the beginning is one excuse to backtrack around the place.

daaaaaaaaaaaaamn the worst part was the mase, but at the same time was kind of funny cuz the monster couldn' get me, everything was happening so fast xD
this mod really scared me, and I'm not a person that gets scared with games, so 10 ^^


bunansa says

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I gave this custom story 10/10, because it is the best that I have ever played. It scared me, it challenged me (had to web search 3 times lol), and it was also very well done! There was added voice acting and music in there which just added to the beauty of it. I especially liked the spiraling stare-case of insanity, that was truly haunting. I'm going to try and suggest this story to Pewdiepie, in hopes that he will play it and enjoy it just as much as I have. I do look forward to a possible squeal, maybe!


Sosuko says

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Well, I was definitely pleasantly surprised with this one...

-Story: A tad cliche, but well structured and had a good sense of pace and direction. Especially with horror, it's easy to either be plain as vanilla, or get carried away and throw in too much crap where it's not needed. You kept your story straightfoward but kept enough side-stories and defining notes and areas to give a sense of exploration. There were a bit many notes when you get to the library, but I suppose that's unavoidable. I'd recommend some audio flashbacks or something to get some of the exposition out of the way. But where you used audio, you used it well. 8/10.

-Gameplay/Puzzles: Well structured and thought out. Nothing particularly memorable, but they never felt tedious or anything. There were a couple of situations where I found dying to be a lot easier than getting myself out of the room otherwise, but that was in the original too. A couple of glitchy moments, but only 1 that crashed the game. 8/10.

-Atmosphere/Scares: This is really where your mod shines! Originally I was thinking the house was going to be small and plain, but with the insanity moments and simple lighting/set piece tweaks it really stood out. The library was also done equally well, with the hallway picture moment and the staircase scene being awesome and scary. This is one of the most important things to any horror game and you nailed it. 9/10,

-Overall: Got nothing bad to say. Fantastic job. The game started a little slow, but quickly picked up pace and drew me in with the atmosphere changes and unfolding plot. Never a dull moment really. I ran into 2 glitches (the 2nd which crashed the game and put me back about 20 minutes), but they've already been mentioned by others, and really the fact that I played back to where I was right away is just another testament to how good it all was. Looking forward to your future work, and thanks for the great CS! 9/10.

-highly detailed beautiful maps
-good story
-very scary jumpscares (actually I mean one, the grunt in the office, I screamed)
-no teleporting naked guys

-minor graphics bugs (such as "flickering world" when you look out of the window)
-levels don't stay in state when left (when I go out of map and go back, barrel is refilled with oil, every object moves to its previous place...only doors are still unlocked if they were unlocked)

It definitely deserves 10/10 because of the incredible design, without it, the rating would be still pretty high, 9/10.

I enjoyed it. You sure know how to script and decorate, since the decoration and the scripting are pretty cool, but there's a lot of bugs dude, you should fix then. By the way, you should avoid putting too many non-sense scares, like in the Section IV.

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