A Modification to the game: Forces of Coruption which will add many units from many different eras of Star Wars all in one era. This mod will also add many features to the game as well.

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ok this article shall inform you about the space units that the Empire get's on the mod which is a lot. I have the list on our facebook page.

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The galactic Empire's Space Units

Fighters and Bombers: Tie Fighters; Tie Bombers, Tie Scouts, Tie Intercepters, Tie Defenders, Tie hunter, Tie Droid, Tie Raptor, Tie Pinger, Schimitar Assualt bombers, Gunboats, Missileboats, ARC-170s, BTL Y-wing bombers

Shuttles and freighters: Lamdada shuttle, Imperial shuttle, AT-AT barges, YT-2300s, YT-1000s, Action VI transports, Nu attack shuttles

Corvettes and light cruisers: CR90s, Tartan patrol cruisers, IPVs, Carrack Cruisers, Sizzle Corvette

Frigates and Heavy Cruisers: Corona Frigates, Nebulon B frigates, Nebulon B2 frigates, Strike Cruisers, Acclanamators mk1, Acclanamators mk2, (the spelling may be wrong) Imperial Assualt cruiser, Dreadnaught heavy cruisers, Sizzle cruisers Mk1, Immobilelizer 418, Victory Cruise Mk1, Victory cruiser mk2

Capital cruisers and SSDs: Sizzle cruisers mk2, Star destroyers mk1, Star destroyers mk2, Venators, Procurator battle cruisers, Sizzle battle cruisers, Super Star Destroyers, Eclipse SSD, Soveriegn SSD, Interdictor ISD

Ok well the Next time will be the Heros, then the land unit, and then the space stations for the empire

megavin123 Creator

TIE Pinger? What will they look like? I don't suppose that they're flying blackberrys :P

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Johnyboy1{S1TH} Author

Well they are going to look like a tie droid except that their wing gun parts can come off and act like following turrets for the fighter while still having a front gun on the **** pit

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