player of this mod is Sergeant Michael Sykes and he going to many different Locations such as island jungle and inside an Ice Sphere and korean warship to Battle with korean Military and Aliens.WARTIME include 5 Levels with action gameplay, and this new ability is slowmotion to show Scene better with explosoin effect and visual effect in the mod.This Project is in development with CryEngine 2 SandBox 2 and I think this mod is a new exprience.

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epic music, good levels, and nice slow motion effect

Standard Crysis Warhead map. But standard in Warhead is BADASS ! It's more of that Crysis action you've always loved. So far I did not encounter any game breaking bugs. I played all of the first level. The level may be familiar , in ways I won't reveal here, to many veteran players ! Altogether just a really nice experience. No frills or "signature" moments where fleets of jets fly over head (at least not yet) but it doesn't need it. Just that classic Crysis action. You can't beat a classic !


This couldve been one of the few
multiple maps spanning good singleplayermods for Crysis/Warhead,but its unfinished and buggy. I guess at some point
simply the motivation ran out.
Whats left is a good first and
a playable second level. The rest
is pretty much unplayable.


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This Game is the best mod in globe .very very nice .

this mod is wonderful and amazing.


very very nice slow motion effect .... it's real wartime !!


Very good
This is Real Wartime




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