Me Spartan_Dude117 I Aim to Make Tiberian Sun Feel Fresh By Adding New Stuff. New Skirmish Maps. And a whole Lot more. Im doing my Best to bring you Pics. and News. Feel free to go to my Site. It will Play like the Un modded Version Just with a Lotr of cool new Changes and Things to try out. i will release Patch's But right Now im Trying to Do Tech Level 1. Once thats Done 100% i Might Send some screens and a List Mabty to Download. New Units will include Light Walker Heavy Assult Infantry. and Many More. 1# New Units 2# Different Tech Levels 3# Longer Songs 4# Better Buildings 5# New Names 6# Better Grapgics 7# More Skirmish Maps 8. New Buildings I Plan to Have the Help of a Mapper But i can do that by my Self. i do plan to Do this.

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