Order and Chaos is an ambitious WIP total conversion project for Stellaris designed to bring you into the 40K universe and experience and/or alter the history of 40K.

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clyde642 - - 2 comments

live. dead?

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Guest - - 692,349 comments

Eagerly awaiting this mod's first alpha version, it's a big task to be sure but with enough dedication it's certainly possible to make a good 40K mod for Stellaris, good luck man!

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The_Turk - - 37 comments

Is this mod dead?

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tormasiattila15 - - 1 comments

You should do this because I can't wait TO BURN THE HERETICS, THE EMPEROR PROTECTS

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ContemplatingMods - - 3 comments

i made a MODDB account just to comment
thank you so much for making warhammer 40K content
im glad to see active members of the fanbase
40K mods need to increase because lets face it
they ****** up dawn of war III
and the old ones only have so much reply value
so unless they use a working nice recipe for us in the next game
its up to the modders in the fanbase to keep it alive
thank you for making this!
you have my full possible support

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Salle94 - - 53 comments

Ayy if this turns out well im gonna get this game!

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revnusnoxdesus - - 10 comments

Why not get the game now?! its really fun and considering the newest expansion pack is already out as well not too mention the game is on sale now as well

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