bb_blockquote wrote: Star Wars: A Galaxy DividedCurrent Version Alpha [v1.1]
Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided is a mod meant to transport players into the Star Wars universe within Stellaris. Using Legends canon, the mod is primarily set within the Old Republic timeline and includes a variety of factions and other content representative of that Era.

For an in-depth look at changelogs, visit the mod's Change Notes

Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided Standalone Factions Pack
Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided Standalone Map

Alternate non-Workshop Download:

  • Static galaxy containing approximately 875 systems.
  • Accurate positioning and names for planets.
  • All major and minor hyperlane routes.
  • Chiss and Hutt Space.
  • 38 Static Empires with accurate home systems.
  • Accurate Deep Core Systems.
  • Custom loading screens.
  • Force Ethics & Technology
  • 120+ Flag Colour options
  • Republic & Sith ship sets
  • Prethoryn have been renamed to the Yuuzhan Vong.
  • 6 Namelists (Republic, Sith, Jedi, Wookiee, Hutt & Mandalorian).
  • 10+ Custom race portraits (Sith, Chiss, Togruta, Twilek and many more).
  • Custom & Random spawn capability.
  • Changes to border growth.
  • Improved hyperdrive FTL speed
  • Planetary Shipyards
  • Purgable Gungans
  • 3 Star Wars Fallen Empires (Gree, Killiks & Rakata)
  • Custom personalities.

Works with ISB. Should work with most, if not all mods.

Known Clashing Mods:

  • Mods that edit flag colours, frontend.gui, prescipted_countries or 00_on_actions (removed Sol spawn)

Click here for a collection of suggested mods. It's also suggested to play on Hyperlane Only for best results.

Recommended Companion ModsThese are the mods I'd recommend highly, the rest in my suggested pack also significantly enhance the game.

Alphamod: Adds a huge amount of new content, in particular what I like is that it gives you the ability to colonize asteroids and other unhabitable planets.
Ethics & Government + Alphamod: This is necessary to use both without issues, deselect the vanilla Ethics mod and ensure this one is selected if using both Alphamod and the Ethics one.
Improved Space Battles Graphics: Improves the look of the game's combat and ship animations.
Improved Space Battles Doomsday Weapons & Ships: Want to build a Death Star? This is the mod for you.
Elratie's Star Wars Ship Sets: Looking for Galactic Civil War ships? Beautiful Empire and Rebel ships can be found here.
Yorick's Star Wars Ship Sets: Not pleased with the Old Republic designs already in the mod? Give this one a try.
Imperial Routine: Adds a whole new political aspect into the game through sectors. Makes them less tedious and actually interesting.

Current Issues

  • Click here for the FAQ thread.
  • Random empire spawning will rename the system it spawns in, though custom ones will not and work fine.
  • Custom and Random empires may spawn in any system, such as hostile or one with a black hole.
  • If you encounter any bugs or issues, please let us know.

TeamHead Developer - Last Leviathan
Content Creator - Nukumnehtar

Credits & Special thanks to:

bb_blockquote wrote:
  • Osito from STNH for helping me and giving me great advice for the map and modding
  • SoG-Geongeon for allowing me to use his symbol pack
  • Atlas coordinates compiled by Henry Bernberg
  • SethSteiner for allowing me to integrate his Chiss Species mod
  • Jay for allowing me to integrate his mod More City Types
  • Jeroenimo for allowing me to use his great ship models
  • Warb Null for releasing his ship models to the public
  • Sith Meditating Image belongs to TolyanMy
  • Veegi for his permission to use his edits to the colour system
  • Nikkle for his designs of Ringworld clusters
  • All artwork belongs to their respective owners
  • All Star Wars materials is owned and copyrighted by Lucasfilm Ltd.
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A Galaxy Divided Dev Diary #5 - Focusing & Developing Planets

Welcome to the fifth iteration of A Galaxy Divided's dev diaries. In the previous diary I talked about personalizing your empire through policies and buildings. Today we'll be going deeper than the empire level and talking about the ability to focus planets and another feature around colonies.

Focusing your Planet
I was always considered your planets should feel quite unique, or at least most of them should. In Star Wars many are known for certain things, such as Coruscant for its massive planet wide city and senate and Alderaan for its beauty. In the same vein, I'm also a big fan of Warhammer 40k, where one can find Hive Worlds, Recruiting Worlds and the like.

Now, to go about this I had originally thought of using structures that replace the planetary administration building. However, I was less than pleased with this route, and decided I would instead use planetary edicts and modifiers.

Allows you to focus planet

Each focus has benefits and adverse effects on the planet and population. Once one is selected, the world goes into a short period of integration, where overall production is lowered until the proper infrastructure is developed. Once complete, you can decided to refocus the planet after several years if you so choose. However, refocusing will reduce production and happiness, due to the population unrest caused by tearing down and re-purposing the old infrastructure. Only then can you once more focus the planet into one of the areas below:

  • Mining
  • Trade
  • Research
  • Recruiting
  • Prison
  • Cultural
  • Outpost
  • Agriculture
  • Fortress

Fortress focus

The intent is to have each one feel unique in its own way, that choosing one path is not to be taken lightly. Rather than a boring button you press and forget, it builds up progressively and may leave the world with a side effect. A prison world may increase the production of your slaves and other undesirables, but the heavy hit to unhappiness may just cause them to revolt and riot. A mining focus might exponentially increase production, but leaves the world ravaged and unable to sustain itself, food production will be permanently lowered and you will be unable to refocus it into an Agri World.

Effect of setting mining focus on a world.

​Colonies & Development Levels

A new feature coming will be the scripted development of your colonies. From the start of its creation until its demise at the hands of the Yuuzhan Vong, it will have different stages of planetary development. Each stage will provide different effects that depend on the population level, current administration building and how long the colony has existed. There are several stages such as Established Colony, Developing World, Core World and even the possibility of an old and developed colony to become a ecumenopolis (typing that out so many times now, I finally get it right on the first attempt).

A New Colony stage

Thanks for reading and tune in Thursday for the real Dev's DD (finally). Until next time.

A Galaxy Divided Dev Diary #4

A Galaxy Divided Dev Diary #4

News 3 comments

A Galaxy Divided Dev Diary #4 - Making Empires Your Own

Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided 1.4 Kennedy Update

Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided 1.4 Kennedy Update

News 5 comments

Update 1.1 "The Force Unleashed" This update adds new content and brings the mod up to date to Stellaris 1.4 Kennedy.

Update 1.1 "The Force Unleashed" Preview

Update 1.1 "The Force Unleashed" Preview

News 4 comments

I've almost forgotten about this site, so it's time to get those that follow here an update on what's happening. In this diary I'll be going over some...

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Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided 1.5

Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided 1.5

Full Version 16 comments

Version for 1.5 Stellaris of the Alpha release of the mod. Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided is a mod meant to transport players into the Star Wars universe...

Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided 1.1

Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided 1.1

Full Version 54 comments

Version 1.1 of the Alpha release of the mod. Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided is a mod meant to transport players into the Star Wars universe within Stellaris...

Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided 1.0

Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided 1.0

Full Version 27 comments

Version 1.0 of the Alpha release of the mod. Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided is a mod meant to transport players into the Star Wars universe within Stellaris...

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It does not work. HaloSentinel I paste like you mention and does not happened. What is exactly wrong?

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Times have changed my dude, stellaris has been through a few MASSIVE changes and DLC. This mod will never work as it is currently. I haven't even played stellaris since the planet production update so i would be no help now.

However, if you were to rollback stellaris to a version from 2017 you could use the mod.

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Please update the mod for Stellaris Apocalypse. If possible, please add the death star as a new colossus. It will be awesome!!!

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I downloaded the mod today, but I've been encountering a problem where the models in game are not the ones from Star Wars. Their the same than usual in the vanilla game. An other problem that I have is that when I choose my starting species/faction (Jedi council, Galactic Republic, etc) I don't see the Empire in it as a choice. Everything else seems to be working well a part of those two things. Do I need to also dowload another mod that changes the models (ships, stations, etc) or is it already in this mod?

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You have to download the Galactic Empire faction mod, and the empire, rebel, republic, pirate, and other faction's ship models mods, and those mods are only available at the steam workshop

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We could choose any faction??? Like the clone army or droids?

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I haven't had a chance to play this mod yet, but I can't wait for it to get updated to try it out. While I haven't played it, I have seen Youtube videos and it looks like the exact type of experience I was looking for. Thank you and keep up the great work!

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Will this ever be updated for a current version of the game? When I first heard about it 1.6 was out and this was for 1.7, now 1.9 is out and this is still just for 1.7, yet it was updated just a couple days ago? Currently my game crashes once it reaches 100% loading, if I roll it back to 1.7 I can get as far as hitting the New Game button but it still crashes.

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