You will start you adventure by talking to a guard from Veldion that you will find in 4 of the major cities. On you quest(s) you will learn alot about the strange land of Veldion and its past. You will learn about the Orbs of Trials, they used to be used long ago to gain access to Castle Veldion when the land was used as a training area for the local knights. But what is a castle without a king, and where is the king? Is he alive or dead, and why is a priest and a mage running the island, are they the reason the king is missing?

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good job


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this isn't the whole mod the resources as well as the music aren't in this archive calling it a full version is incorrect and should be rectified immediately FlyTSI made a great mod and everyone should use it but nobody should ever download an incomplete package and think it's complete


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