Vampire Slayer is a teamplay mod where two sides battle it out, good versus evil, guns versus strength, Slayers versus Vampires! Do you want guns and stakes? Or would you like to drink blood and leap off buildings at your prey? Do you want to knock them down and stake them to the ground? Or do you want to move silently in the night, only to growl at just the right time? This mod gives it all to you!

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omg! so moch fun to just **** **** up in Vampire Slayer! 9/10


Its a great fast pasted, explosive shoot em' up vampire slaying mod, only problem, no servers!


I love this mod.

since 2012 to 2016

and while no internet servers, you can play cooperatively with friends placing many vampires, and By joining you and your friend to kill them all, is quite a feat! and bots are very aggressive, but sometimes if you have your bugs, but nothing serious


It's nostalgic of my younger days. Truly miss this mod. Many great people and servers come and gone.


What can I say? The atmosphere is great, the sounds are awesome and the chills are real. Booting up this game, knowing there are no player and bots on, I still can't let down my guard, because this mod is genuinely creepy.

It's a must try! (PS. Bring friends, nobody plays this online anymore).



hmman says

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good mod


brilliant game really good GET IT NOW!!!!!!


bud389 says

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It's ok, not enough servers, vampires are a little too unbalanced, and not enough weapon variety.

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