Total conversion for Tiberium Wars based off Valkyria Chronicles.

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List of the units available for the Europan Imperial Alliance.

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-Scout Squad:
Being the fastest infantry squad in the Imperial Army, the scouts wear
light armour and are armed with light semi-autmatic rifles.

-Imperial Schocktroopers:
The backbone of the Imperial infantry, the shocktrropers wear medium armour and are armed with automatic rifles.

-Lancer Team:
Lancers wear heavy armour and are equipped with AT-Lancer geared to take out structures and vehicles.

-Sniper Team:
Team consists of a marksman and spotter. Both wear light armour, they are equipped with a long range rifle and a sighting scope.

Engineers are equipped with medium armour and a pistol for self defense.
The job for the engineer is to create defenses and repair or capture
base buildings.

Mechanic wear medium armour and are armed with a pistol for self
defense. The job for the mechanic is to repair vehicles in the field.

Heals nearby infantry, and ragnaid which makes infantry to
temoprary forget all their pain, making the invulnerable for a few
seconds. Armed with a light semi-auto rifle.

-Vehicle Crew:
Vehicle crewmen all wear light armour and armed with pistols, they are necessary for any vehicle to operate.


-Armoured Personal Carrier (APC):
The APC job is to transport infantry around the map. APCs are armed with
a Heavy MG so that it can provide light infantry support.

-Light Tank:
With speeds reaching up to 45km/h the light tank is the fastest tank in the Imperial armoury, armed with a
45mm cannon and 85mm mortar.

-Medium Tank:
This mid range tank has both good speed and armament, it wields 76mm cannon with also the 85mm mortar.

-Heavy Tank:
Being the heavy tank of the imperial force it has good armour but is slow, it is armed with the small 76mm cannon
but is upgraded with a larger 122mm mortar.

-Imperial Tank Destroyer:
As the name implies this tank is to take other tanks out of this world, with its thick sloped armour this tank is made to last, it is armed with the 85mm anit-tank cannon. Stationary turret meaning it must face its target to fire. Slow speed and turn rate.

Hero Units

One of the imperials super tank, the Lupus has the speed of a light tank with the armament and protection
of a heavy tank, it wields the deadly 122mm cannon.

-Command Center:
Center of operations for the Gallian Army, required to build all other buildings.

-Ammo Depot:
Provides a steady source of ammo for all Gallian forces.

-Ragnite Refinery:
Comes with one mining truck that mines and gathers ragnite ore to be processed at the refinery.

-Platoon Barracks:
Infantry living quarters, each barracks holds four squad of infantry so you will need multiple of them.

-Vehicle Depot:
Vehicle staging area, one depot has room for two vehicles in its garages. So you will need multiple of them.

Provides upgrades for your armed forces, house up to four mechanics.

-Engineering Depot:
Houses up to four engineers, provides base upgrades.

-Medic Station:
Heals nearby infantry units and replaces lost members, houses up to 2 medics.

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