Developed with Permission from Stephen Browning, the Original Action Doom 2 Developer, Urban Brawl Multiplayer or UBMP Is a Modification that allows the players to re-experience Action Doom 2 Co-operatively or Deathmatch .

Features :

  • Full Co-op and Deathmatch Support for every game level .
  • Updated Drop and Healthbar to work for Mutliplayer
  • Removed every cutscene .
  • Working Bosses and special events .
  • Includes every file needed for modders to use as base for their future Action Doom 2 Mods (If you want to use it for any other game, Ask the original dev :/ ) .
  • Working on Latest Zandronum version .
  • Maintained the core of Action Doom 2 Gameplay .

Requirements :

NOTE : Make Sure to turn OpenGL Mode off while playing this because MAP01 Will crash if you don't (At least for the current Zandronum version) .

Full Changelog is here .

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Full Changelog


v1.0 [18/05/2015]

  • Fixed the incorrect Hud and Health sharing between players .
  • Added some important Multiplayer details .
  • Added exits to each level so that the game will not play cutscenes before changing level .
  • Fixed players dying together .
  • Fixed players cannot respawn .
  • Removed cutscenes .
  • Added 8 Player starts to each level .
  • Fixed MAP04 respawn freeze .
  • Fixed HUDs disappear after respawn . (screenblocks=11)

v1.1 Patch [19/05/2015]

  • Fixed MAP09 Players inability to move .

v1.1d Patch [20/05/2015]

  • Fixed MAP08 Broken secret .
  • Fixed MAP08 Sniper doesn't act the way he's supposed to .
  • Fixed MAP07 Secret that causes Black screen .
  • Added more hints to MAP06,MAP02 .
  • Fixed MAP06 Exit Death pit bug .
  • Fixed MAP04 Exit Black screen .
  • Enabled intermissions between levels to ensure every HUD is working .
  • Removed MAP01 Call cutscene .

v1.1k [23/05/2015]

  • Fixed (MAP02) Not exitable .
  • Fixed (MAP04) Spinning Polyobj bug .
  • Fixed (MAP04) Boss battle .
  • Removed (MAP04) Phone call cutscene, now you should just access the train and open the Dead Police officer room to use help of Ventura .
  • Fixed (MAP06) Missing texture, and Added teleports near the elevator so that late players can use teleports if the elevator was in use .
  • Improved and Fixed HUD for Multiplayer .
  • Fixed (MAP08) Players getting stuck after Secret is accessed by another player .
  • Fixed (MAP07) Accessing secret no longer causes map to be not exitable .
  • Updated "Dead of Winter" (WINTER2) Map for Multiplayer and included it .
  • Added a teleport in (WINTER2) Map basement so that every late player can easily use it to go to the top of the building .

v2.0 [27/06/2015]

  • Weapons now Last after being picked up by others .
  • Fixed Death Blackscreen .
  • Successfully Restored each one of game bosses .

v2.0b [27/07/2015]

  • Fixed for Zandronum 2.1.2 .
  • Separated Mod and maps to make it easier to load other maps with this Mod .
  • Partially restored the original Melee drop system .
  • Fixed MAP06 and MAP08 Players don't spawn with fists .
  • Restored MAP08 Chainsaw secret .
  • Reduced boss Health and Removed the odd Chainsaw from MAP09 .
  • Updated mod for Deathmatch support (Mod only , not Maps)
  • Partially implemented Deathmatch support for MAP01 .
  • Added deathmatch Obtuaries .
  • More Optimizations on MAP06 .
  • More updates for Status bar .

v2.1 [30/07/2015]

  • Fixed MAP06 Not detecting behavior .
  • Reduced Final Boss health .
  • Restored the Original Healthbar functionality online .
  • The Melee drop system is Now 100% Functional online in All gamemodes !
  • Fixed MAP09 Map too dark for New joiners .

v2.1b [03/08/2015]

  • Fixed Jackbottle and Fireextinguisher infinite ammo glitch .
  • Now you can load other Mods,Misc and levelpacks easily with this Mod .
  • Few More level bugfixes and updates .

v2.1c [09/08/2015]

  • Fixed bottles not showing up as broken when picked up .
  • Fixed MAP01 Getting stuck when trying to climb fire escape ladder .
  • Fixed a little issue of incompatibility with other mods .

v2.2 [20/08/2015]

  • Fixed MAP04 Innaccurate Teleport .
  • Fixed MAP07 Ceiling HOM near Spawn .
  • MAP04 should now auto exit after beating the boss .

v2.3 [25/08/2015]

  • Fixed the Auto weapon Pickup .
  • Balanced Action Uzi damage .
  • Reduced Final boss Health .

v2.4 Alpha (Private/Canceled release) [26/08/2015]

  • Semi done version of MAP06 .
  • Partially done version of WINTER1 .
  • Fixed few Winter addon Pickups and Weapons .
  • Updated Menu for Zandronum v3.0 .
  • Minor optimizations to the drop setup .

v2.4 Final [12/09/2015]

  • Reduced delay after beating MAP04 Boss .
  • Dropping weapons should now work just like the original .
  • Restored Winter addon weapons functionality .

v3.0 |19/10/2015]

  • Minor drop system fixes .
  • Slight winter addon bugfixes .
  • More features friendly for Zandronum v3.0 .

v3.1 Patch [20/11/2015]

  • Added Item respawn sound effect and sprites .
  • Added Teleport and respawn sound effect and sprites .

v3.2 [27/11/2015]

  • Fixed dropping for JackBottle .
  • Resurrected The lost MAP06 for Co-op (Fucked my brain while trying to fix this) .
  • Fixed MAP07 Secret Teleport .

v3.2b Patch (Hotfix) [29/11/2015]

  • Fixed a Critical Bug at MAP06 .

v3.3 [05/12/2015}

  • Restored "JackBottle" that was removed from MAP01 By accident .
  • Balanced difficulty of MAP02 .
  • Removed an annoying sound at MAP04 .
  • Decreased difficulty of MAP04 Boss .
  • You should spawn with your Fists on MAP08 From now on .
  • Added a Hint to the Checkpoint of WINTER2 Map .
  • Health message added for MAP10 Boss .

v4 [02/03/2016]

  • Removed Healthbar and Score counters since they caused a bug .
  • Updated Menu (Great thanks to Steve for creating it ^^) .
  • MAP06 Elevator Music can only be heard by activator now .
  • Fire Extinguisher should now stay If Picked up by other players .

v4.1 Patch [05/03/2016]

  • Quickfix for JackBottle

v4.2 [09/03/2016]

  • Final Boss (MAP10) is back .
  • Action Blunderbuss can now be picked up by any player at same time .
  • Several weapons should now stay if picked up by other players .
  • Fire Extinguisher may clip through wall in WINTER2 fixed .
  • MAP08 Explosions may now be activated more than 1 time .

v4.3 [24/03/2016]

  • MAP02 Section after bus no longer accessible untill you defeat all enemies before it .
  • WINTER2 Wierd weapon behavior fixed .

v4.3b [27/03/2016]

  • Fixed a chance to get stuck in some floor at MAP06 .
  • Removed MAP09 Credits, it should take you automatically to MAP06 after beating boss from now on .

v4.5 [17/04/2016]

  • Deathmatch support for each of game Levels
  • Minor scripts improvements

v4.5b [18/04/2016]

  • Fixed MAP06 Low FPS Issue .
  • Other Deathmatch improvements for each map .

v4.5c [27/04/2016]

  • Restored MAP07 Katana secret
  • Fixed a little drop issue for Katana

v4.5d [12/06/2016]

  • Fixed WINTER2 random fire exploit

v4.5e [14/06/2016]

  • Quick improvement to WINTER2 map .

v4.6 [05/11/2016]

  • You can now change your Player skin color .
  • You can now play as Gary, the Unused character .
  • Fixed a chance to get stuck at the first section of MAP01 .
  • Fixed the annoying startup errors / Mod cleanup .
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Urban Brawl Multiplayer v4.6

Urban Brawl Multiplayer v4.6

Patch 4 comments

I Haven't touched this mod in a while, But now i decided to get back to it, I Have taken suggestions from the last year and turned them into reality (lol...

Urban Brawl Multiplayer v4.5e

Urban Brawl Multiplayer v4.5e


v4.5e is here bringing quick tweaks with it, Likewise Both addon and Mappack must be loaded so it works, Check the Full changelog page to see what's different...

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