U4eFortress combines the classic tactical TeamFortress combat with even more classical RPG features, spices everything up with the well known splendour of U4e weapon functionality and optics, and finally brings you to a wholly new gaming experience by smoothly fitting in a magical system containing a total of 67 spells, each of them more unique than many many other systems of commercial games. The Classes: Each class have its specificities, abilities and weapons, you won't be able to pick the weapons of your poor and dead enemies, but only their ammo. There are 13 classes, all have weak and strong sides but each class is invidually balanced, I mean that, for example : the cleric (correspond to medic) can heal his teammates, but it also has a big hammer which is throwable, fires lightnings and hurts a lot, and he can handle the holy hand grenade. The classes like the weapons mix magic and technology, they are a bit similar to what you can find in the RPG Shadowrun, the best examples...

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