This is a racing gametype that is not only for cars, but for any vehicle, or even no vehicles. This is basicly a race to complete the objective. Race to complete the sprint race, the circuit race (workin on making that easier to make, so far i have a multi trigger that only tracks the first person who touches it), complete the trial, finish the maze, kill everyone else, control and take the objective, whatever kind of thing you can think of that can be made into a race. There are currently not a whole lotta tracks (one or two mappers cant make a smorgous board), so if you got a map to send us, or for us to convert (we can make AS racing maps into UNR racing maps with your permission), it would really help. This gametype is open to all vehicle mods, which im currently working on a mario kart car :). Its deffinantly fun for LAN parties. There is an objective at the end that you hit and it usually gives you 100 points, tho it doesnt matter. Also there is default 1 life (so dont fall down)....

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