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Barney looks like he is wired, and none of the character's like the science team from HL2 are there.I think that it would be much better if the professor's looked like they did in the original but that improved.The animation for the crowbar does not look right and the sound effects for the first pistol sound wrong,I think the crowbar needs to look much more smooth in action but the skin looks great.As for the guns I think it should stick to the old way the guns where and just improve the testure of the skin.I liked some parts but other's did not fit the mood.This come's from someone does not do mods, I just know what i like and this would be awesome if there was abit more eye or detail and if it stuck to the roots of the game.I don't agree with changing the shape or sound of the guns and if your going to change the charater's you might as well connect them with HL2 or at least make the eye's look right on Barney.There is alot that could be improved on if the modder's have the time.


very cooooooooooool.10/10


! Awesome !

8/10... Becouse the graphics are very good... And the zombine is awesome!! But it doesn't fit in hl!

Ah, stolen content. Stolen content everywhere!


This "MOD" is fully illegal -1/10 sorry,but try to make somthing yourself i hope you will make beder next time sorry again


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