Un-Life - A Half Life Death Match Total Conversion News Flash!!! Un-Real Cross Bread with Hal Life - Unexpected results as outcome On Friday night one of the people living in the Community of Half Life, begun to cross bread Un-Real With Half Life The results where better then this person thought, and as they begun adding more code to the 0's and 1's of the communities SDK, they found that the aging engine of the Half Life community could support more then thought. At the end of Sunday night, the Half Life community was awe struck with the 1st look at the visually impaired, but idea rich mod, that become the next big project of the infamous AMMAHLS Team, makers of Single Player Natural Selection, amckerns Explosion wars, and code team on other well know MODs such as Strong Bad MOD, and Chicken Rising. Today the AMMAHLS Team released this statement to the ModDB "Un-Life is a over powering brother to Half Life Death Match, but has mutated to include the best of Un-Real and...

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