Un-Life - A Half Life Death Match Total Conversion News Flash!!! Un-Real Cross Bread with Hal Life - Unexpected results as outcome On Friday night one of the people living in the Community of Half Life, begun to cross bread Un-Real With Half Life The results where better then this person thought, and as they begun adding more code to the 0's and 1's of the communities SDK, they found that the aging engine of the Half Life community could support more then thought. At the end of Sunday night, the Half Life community was awe struck with the 1st look at the visually impaired, but idea rich mod, that become the next big project of the infamous AMMAHLS Team, makers of Single Player Natural Selection, amckerns Explosion wars, and code team on other well know MODs such as Strong Bad MOD, and Chicken Rising. Today the AMMAHLS Team released this statement to the ModDB "Un-Life is a over powering brother to Half Life Death Match, but has mutated to include the best of Un-Real and...

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Finally, after many hours with iTunes, WMP, and Winamp sessions, Un-Life is proud to present you the first 6 official Music Tracks, from our MOD. Credits Track1.wav Produced By - CPX Crew - Remix By DJ Carlos, for the Un-Life MOD Copyright - DJ Carlos, The CPX Crew, is one of SWRFM's best DJ sessions,

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Finally, after many hours with iTunes, WMP, and Winamp sessions, Un-Life is proud to present you the first 6 official Music Tracks, from our MOD.


Produced By - CPX Crew - Remix By DJ Carlos, for the Un-Life MOD
Copyright - DJ Carlos, www.cpxcrew.com

The CPX Crew, is one of SWRFM's best DJ sessions, with over 5000 Listeners each Wednesday, CPX Has made Wednesday Party’s a must. DJ Carlos, is one of the best remix DJ's appearing at select nightclubs, and ACID.

Track 2 - Track 6 Provided by Andrew Smith, Web Designer, Co Owner mp3.com.au

Produced By / Copy Right - Loka Nunda
Album - 'Wicked Karma Revamped'
Website - Mp3.com.au

Loka Nunda's music is released globally and played by world class DJs on some of the most pumped dance floors and festivals on the planet (from the Berlin Love Parade and Sydney's Mardi Gras to Australia's Rainbow Serpent festival and the Earth Dance festival). The music has been heard and seen on Kiss FM, Nova FM, Triple J, Rage, and Channel V, and received rave reviews from Rolling Stone, Juice, the Age, and the Herald Sun. Loka sings live with a band and backing tracks he created with Co-producers DJ Dimity (from Delite NY City.), Jeremy Allom (Massive Attack), Pete Hemsley (The Lords Garden), Pee Wee Ferris, and Josh Abrahams, and has performed live alongside Pete Burns (Dead or Alive), Ru Paul and Nina Hagen.

Produced By / Copy Right - Swallow
Album - 'I Know'
Website - Mp3.com.au

Darren Hulcombe & Marcella Russo are a team that have been writing together for over five years. Their work together has received airplay on FOX, Rage, Triple R, Channel 31 and numerous community and Internet stations. Shane Goonan brings his unique guitar sound to the band with the bass notes provided by the impressive talents of Michael Foley. Swallow transfer from the studio to the stage with ease. Their live performances are a tight, passionate, and consuming watch.

Produced By / Copy Right - Lelu
Album - 'Koltala'
Website – www.lelu.com.au

Lelu is a 3-piece rock outfit that formed in Melbourne in 2002. Since banding the Lelu has performed over 70 shows together, developing a strong following from local punters. Musically inspired by 60’s and 70’s hard rock the band has developed its own raw and unique sound, which has proved to be widely appreciated for its organic edge. Lelu is due to release it’s debut self-titled EP in early 2004, before touring extensively throughout the year. Kolkata is the first single taken from the forthcoming Lelu EP. For more Lelu information check out the official Lelu website – www.lelu.com.au

Produced By / Copy Right - Jeff Marni
Album - 'Spondula'
Website - Mp3.com.au

Jeff Marni are an electronic dance music duo specialising in fun happy beats. Perfect party music to give you plenty of get up 'n' go. Formed in 2001 by Agent Orange and Schema, their aim was to create a live dance music experience that incoporated electronical guitars, boom-town bass and schwinging synths. Scha-wing! Spondula is an upbeat funky tech house tune with a really phat bass line and a twinkling Rhodes. Yeah!

Produced By / Copy Right - Inbedlam
Album - 'Satellites on the roam'
Website - Mp3.com.au

Inbedlam burn like a beacon in the night. Eerie, haunting vocals and searing guitar contrast with dark, brooding bass and drums in a tapestry of uneasy beauty. Bold, intense melodies tell stories that both soothe and disturb. In a superficial world, Inbedlam make no apologies for their emotion-charged assault on your senses. For Inbedlam confrontational intensity is the pathway to bliss. Inbedlam have ignited Sydney stages for a year, causing a stir live and online. Both the local and interstate press has been quick to catch on to their powerful blend of melodic rock, sensing that here is a band capable of having broad appeal while retaining a strong personal approach. Inbedlam are looking to expand their profile in and outside of the music industry and reach as many ears as possible, making the most of what comes their way.


Un-Life, and the AMMAHLS Team will not be liable for any cases against them for players use of a Copyright track that the player has not got permission to copy, rename, or other transfer.

Un-Life Sound tracks, found on the Internet, with out permission from there producers, or copyright holders, is against the law in Australia, and other locations. Un-Life holds no responsibility for the official tracks, if found any place other then in the "Sound Tracks" folder found in Un-Life, and as such, the people, or people that place Un-Life tracks on the Internet, are liable for their actions.

Un-Life dose not support use of music, that is not owned, or copy permissions to our players, for use in, in game sound tracks, how ever, producers, and copy holders, from time to time, may allow use of some tracks to be used with Un-Life for promotion, or other means, please check with these people before use.


Thanks Guys

Keep upto date with the Latest Un-Life news, and media, by typing 2501, in your modwatch (Click MW at the top of the window)

amckern, and the AMMAHLS Team



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