The Tyranid Mod is an ongoing additional race modification for the original Dawn of War series, based on the Tyranid army from the Warhammer 40k tabletop game.

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New GW releases soon! Rumour time and NidMod talk!

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Hey all,

To clear away the crappy events of December, it sounds like the new Tyranid codex is coming out sometime in the next month or so.

For those who haven't caught up on the news, here's the big list of rumours (newest stuff is down the bottom).

So apparently there's a lot of new units, new biomorphs, new psychic powers, and so on. Looks like it's going to be amazing, and as always we're going to try and add what we can from it.

Just remember - we're more likely to add non-unit things (technologies, powers, etc) than we are to add units, and please don't ask us to add specific things. As always, we have to make a judgement call based on what we can do and what will be the most interesting changes.

Anywho, we're looking forward to it, and I hope you all had a good new year and that 2014 works out for you all.

0.5b2 FAQ:

So we seem to be getting the same three questions over and over from new people downloading 0.5b2. To save time, here they are in short form, with their relevant answers:

Why don't I have a builder?!
Click the button at the centre-top of the UI bar across the bottom.

Why does my build menu go away when I select a unit?! Why doesn't it come back when I de-select that unit?!
Because selecting a unit de-selects the hivefleet - exactly the same as when you click a unit that isn't your builder, you won't have your builder selected.

Why is the AI not doing anything?!
Have you installed the CPU player patch yet?

Sakura Matou

Sounds pretty sweet!

And yeah lets put this crappy December behind us all XD

GL in the future with the mod and Happy New years!

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I'm not sure which one I'm looking forward to more: the actual codex or this mod's adaptation of the content.

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Ok, having actually seen the new Tyranids, I'm even more uncertain which one I'm more hyped for!

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