This is a collection of all the publicly released maps from past and future contests held by, most of this maps you can find in the portal 2 workshop, but some others that might be previously lost to time or difficult to reach, are being/will be made available to the general public via this pack.


This competition was all about visuals. Specifically, short maps with really good visuals. No puzzles where required, but participants could include if they want.

Secret_Coming - - 1,057 comments

Weird, maybe I am looking at the wrong competition but it seemed you guys made a workshop requirement for the submissions

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sejievan Author
sejievan - - 98 comments

The participants can post their work to the workshop without problems, this packs exists mostly in order to preserve the entries that for some reason go over the 100 mb limmit for the workshop and endup not being able to be posted there.

But, since the intention is preservation, We also choose to include too the ones that are posted, because, whynot? heh

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anonymous_developer - - 11 comments

Hey, I really enjoyed this pack! It had so many fun maps.
However, I do have an issue (not with the maps or anything). I decided to remove them temporarily (running a bit low on space), but I wanted to keep the portal2_dlc folder (it's how I run my game adjustments), but the game keeps trying to run the mod, without the mod. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Portal 2, but it won't work. Is there any way I can fix this?

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anonymous_developer - - 11 comments

Never mind, I found a way around.

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