Following a period of peace after the defeat of the Primagen and his forces, Joshua must once again defend the people of the Lost Land as he fights back against a sudden and surprising attack from the survivors of the Primagen's armies. Venture through 5 maps seeking to capture the feeling of the original game while streamlining the gameplay and respecting the player's time, while also presenting new and exciting combinations of enemies in settings familiar yet new. (This mod is still in production; I'll be updating the levels as I finish making them, but I thought it'd be good to post something now that it's been playable for a while. Currently 4 of the 5 main worlds are accessible; the last one is intended to be more experimental)

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Solid_Sunflower says

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Great work for a first mod, specially considering how unpolished the editor is to work with.
It's a little rough around the edges (some corridors are unnecessarily long, not enough pick ups, sector issues around some parts, etc), but with a bit more work, it could become a great expansion pack.



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Looks really promising and well done there is not to many Turok 2 mods out there so i hope this one gets completed

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