Crusader Kings II: The Seven Kingdoms is a Crusader Kings II mod based on the 'Game of Thrones' universe. Built from the ground up with acute world detail and a focus on Westeros Unlike the AGOT mod, TSK lacks a considerable amount of development and singleplayer content, so we suggest players check out their mod first if they're looking for a rich and unrivaled singleplayer experience (and one that includes all of Essos too!).

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A preview of the latest version of the Seven Kingdoms mod. Introducing many new features and mechanics to enhance the singleplayer and multiplayer experience in the world of George R.R. Martin.

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It has been months since the last official release of the Seven Kingdoms mod, and I am very excited to announce that the newest version will be released in a couple of days on (or around) March 18th. With this version comes countless changes involving history, graphics, events, mechanics, buildings, etc. We have not even managed to make a complete changelog because there are so many changes and additions! So without further ado here are a few things we hope you will enjoy in v9.

20180316102341 1

A complete overhaul of Dorne, adding in many new Petty-Kingdoms and houses.

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A dynamic resource system that adds modifiers to every province in the game.

20180316102418 1

20180316102426 1

Terrain "buildings" that effect provinces to make them more realistic and fully realized.

20180316102448 1

The Blackwater is now unified under the Bureaucratic Councilship of house Rosby.

20180316102517 1

A new (purple) UI for the Republic and Freehold governments.

20180316102529 1

The addition of the offmap Freehold! Which is still a work in progress!

20180316102616 1

Updated province history to increase the balance of the world.

20180316102629 1

An increase in the number of council positions for the Freehold and Bureaucratic Councilship. Enjoy endless deadlock in politics. Such immersion!

20180316102639 1

20180316102721 1

20180316102755 1

New tributary types to increase the variety of relations between the Kingdoms and Republics of Essos and Westeros.

20180316102805 1

A new starting scenario in the Riverlands.

20180316102858 1

New history to increase the population and amount of interesting characters in the world.

20180316102714 1

20180316102830 1

20180316102923 1

20180316103059 1

New governments to increase flavor. They are also a work in progress.

20180316102934 1

20180316103048 1

New graphics for many cultures and artifacts.

20180316103411 1

And much much more.

If you have any questions or inquiries about the mod, or wish to join the team please feel free to ask. We are always looking for more people to help enhance the experience of the Seven Kingdoms. The update following this one will include things such as dueling, magic, dragons, and new bookmarks.

Thank you all again! I will see you on the battlefield.


looks good

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dammit, waiting anxiously!

Why not use portraits like those of Normans, Germans, among others?

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_Vierwood Author

We will eventually release a DLC portrait pack that combines our custom garbs and armor with the DLC portraits.

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The anticipation is real!

The attention to detail, depth, and focus really draws me from the other Game of Thrones mod. That, and I just think the time frame is better; I personally prefer seeing many petty kingdoms as opposed to a few big powers, it makes for much less predictable and much more open gameplay.

Or maybe it's that map, basically the Historic Immersion Project's Somewhat More Historic map, only GoT. In other words, HRRRRNNNNGGG!

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Around what time will the update be released

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-Rowan- Creator

The update is currently up on steam workshop; we'll be getting it pushed to Moddb tomorrow, as we're ironing out some issues and want to avoid forcing people to redownload the entire mod over minor issues.

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What time will this be released on moddb i don't have this game on steam.

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Alright this looks sick

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When will this be on ModDB?

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