It will place you into the role of either an elite Counter Terrorist Organisation known as GIF626 or into the role of a crazed mercenary group know as the The Unit GIF626 (Global Interception Force) are comprised of many Special Forces, British SAS, Swedish ONI, US Delta force, to mention a few. GIF626 was formulated to combat and iNtercept the rise in international terrorism on a larger global front.

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love it


This mod is better than Counter-Strike - and its free ! - You definitely should try it !


one of the best mods I've ever played!

great mod!!!

This game is great, if you liked True Combat for Quake 3, you will love this one too! Some stuff is like it was, some stuff is new.

The audio and graphics.
True Combat for Quake 3 was already a real masterpiece in graphics and also in audio... well of course for it's time and it's engine. True Combat: Elite is an even bigger masterpiece for it's engine! The model quality is just great, just thinking it's W:ET engine! The textures could do some work, but the model quality removes the need of better textures. True, some things that are meant to be round aren't really round, but they at least look good! The graphics are simple and great, that's what new games are missing. The sounds are also very good! They just seem to be even more realistic than I have seen in any game. 2009-2011 games are just a little kid compared to this mods sounds.

This game is realistic, that's one of the biggest features that can be. It has iron sights (no cross hair), ability to vault over walls, stamina (limited sprinting), leaning (You will find yourself leaning most of the time), huge arsenal, wall and object penetration, 4 different game modes and more! 1 thing I missed from the original True Combat however, was the equipment system. That's right, it's gone, you now don't get customizable weapons and other stuff.

Gameplay hasn't really changed from the original mod. It's just a little slower, more tactical. The wall penetration adds just a little, you will see time to time somebody just spraying all his magazine on a single wall hoping to kill somebody, however, this makes different objects a not so safe cover. A stack of wood can sometimes be as deadly as standing in open area. Concrete walls are the best, they stop bullets absolutely. However, another thing I missed is the cool mission mode, now mission mode is just like Counter-Strike's bomb. In overall, it's still pretty close to it's original mod, but has some differences.


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