True Combat: 2.0: True Combat complete overhaul project.

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True Combat: 2.0

is an unofficial massive overhaul project and update for True Combat: Elite and True Combat: CQB, with intentions to eventually become a standalone game using ETL (Enemy Territory Legacy) and modified WolfET Q3 engine.

True Combat: 2.0 updates and adds new content to the base game, as well as integrating past community mods, skins and maps into the mod as "Official" 2.0 content.
2.0 applies a heavy emphasis on detail and keeping the original True Combat content and artistic vision intact, while carefully adding new content and elements into the game.

True Combat: 2.0's design is very heavily inspired by games such as Rainbow Six 1-3, Ghost Recon, SWAT 4, Rising Storm 2, Counterstrike and Insurgency. And of course, True Combat.

List of updates and changes:

-Completely redesigned audio for weapons, players and levels.
Weapons now have more detailed layered/foley sounds, weapons with bolt hold open feature will audibly lock open when firing last cartridge, suppressed weapons echo off of the environment, slides reciprocate and firing weapons while indoors is now very loud and disorienting.
Grenades make more noise when thrown and landing on surfaces.
Movement has been completely overhauled to be much louder and detailed, and your movement around the map is much more audible to others. Climbing over obstacles produces a lot more noise, and how loud your footsteps are is dependent on what type of surfaces you're running on.
Many levels have also been updated with more detailed ambient sounds.

-Weapon Overhaul
Over 250 new weapons, including special variants and models.
Different weapon model types are sometimes offered in various calibers with different fire control groups, and outfitted with various optics and attachments, including Scopes, Aimpoints and Laser Aiming Modules. Some Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns are outfitted with ranged Optics.
Shotguns using Rifled Slugs.
Suppressed Sniper Rifles, DMR's, Bolt-Action Rifles and Anti-Material Rifles/Anti-Tank Rifles.
Addition of Light Support Weapons / Light Machineguns for Defensive / Offensive purposes.
Various Handguns, Revolvers and Machine Pistols.
Slightly changed Grenade behavior.

2020 11 04 183531 obj skirmish2020 11 01 213304 obj village

-Map and Gametype Specific loadouts
Each of the base maps, including maps added to the "Official 2.0 map pack" feature unique loadouts per map and gametype.
Each map has loadouts tailored to the locations and scenario.

Special Ops will sometimes use weapons specific to the location, to simulate cooperation with local forces.
(e.g, Spec Ops can use FA-MAS in France, AK variants in Russia, L85A2 in United Kingdom, etc)
They will also use mostly suppressed weapons in sensitive scenarios.

2020 11 16 205407 obj town and m2020 11 15 103020 obj snow

Likewise, Terrorist loadouts are defined by how well funded they are, and their location. With weapons ranging from high end H&K weaponry, AK's, surplus or stolen small arms, Anti-Tank Rifles, Civilian firearms as well as illegal modifications and conversions.

2020 11 01 211132 obj delta2020 11 21 112458 obj railhouse

Each gametype and map has weapon loadouts balanced, as well as a reworked unlocking system on Objective. 2.0 tries very hard to keep the base formula on maps intact, while adding a few new features and options.

Maps that don't require long range marksman rifles as much will replace them with other options (e.g, scoped SMG's, Shotgun, or Rifles with Aimpoint sights etc)

-Models and Textures
Location specific player models, uniforms and overhauled damage textures and shaders.

If you have any questions, input, or curiosity about the mod, feel free to contact me on ModDB and as always you are welcome to join the Unofficial TC:E Players group discord at

Thanks everyone. We will post more updates soon.


pretty unexpected, good luck my dude

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